What’s The Difference Between Frappuccino And Cappuccino?

Frappuccinos and Cappuccinos sound quite similar, both of them are caffeine drinks that have five distinct differences, in terms of temperatures, compositions, appearances, tastes, and calories. 

What’s the difference between frappuccino and cappuccino? Top Reviews will help you make a distinction between the two beverages.

Cappuccino and Frappuccino Overview

What is frappuccino and cappuccino? Before going into details, it’s better to know more about the definitions of frappuccinos and cappuccinos.

What Is A Frappuccino?

A glass of frappuccino

It is an iced, mixed beverage with diverse flavors. Frappuccinos are sweet and often have a layer of whipped cream on the top. 

The trademark of this drink is Starbucks. You can buy it in Starbucks shops or convenience stores in the form of bottles.

The frappuccinos are a melding of different cold beverages, and it is free to customize your preference regarding the flavor and consistency.

What Is A Cappuccino?

A mug of cappuccino

It is a warm, espresso-originated drink. This beverage often consists of three layers: coffee, steamed milk, and microfoam milk on the top.

There are numerous variations of this drink, such as lactose-free milk and plant-based milk.

What’s The Difference Between Frappuccino And Cappuccino?

It is quite easy to identify these two drinks. Let’s discover it to see what makes each of them unique, and it may help you choose a favorite!





Ice blended

Both hot and iced


Coffee blended with ice, milk, and flavored syrup

– Whipped cream topping or ice cream topping

– 1/3 espresso

– 1/3 hot milk

– 1/3 microfoam


– Sweetened

– Flavored syrups 

– Creamy

– Scent of milk

– Rich espresso flavors

– Frothy


A cold glass with a consistency similar to a smoothie and optional toppings of whipped cream/ice cream

A hot mug with thick layers of microfoam, steamed milk, and coffee


240 calories for one serving (8 ounces).

Variations on frappuccino types

70 calories for one serving (8 ounces)


Is a frappuccino a frozen cappuccino? A frappuccino is a drink mixed with ice that makes them cool and stimulating.

When getting every sip of the beverage, you enjoy small ice chips. Cappuccinos, in contrast, are a hot, soothing drink including all steamed ingredients. 


Frappuccinos include blended ice, milk, coffee, and flavored syrups. There is also a topping in the cup, such as whipped cream, ice cream, and sauces. Cappuccinos have three equal layers of fresh espresso, hot milk, and milk froth. 


The appearance is the most obvious to identify between the two beverages. The coffee shop will serve frappuccino in a tall, cold glass with a whipped cream topping. Its thick consistency resembles a smoothie.

On the other hand, you will often see a cappuccino in a small, warm mug, with a thick layer of milk foam on the top.


Frappuccinos belong to a group of sugary foods owing to the supplement of many syrups and cream toppings. The drink is creamy with the scent of caffeine and a taste of flavored syrup. 

The cappuccino features natural sweetness that originated from the hot milk. It has a rich, full caffeine taste because of espresso.


In terms of calorie number, cappuccinos take first place with only 70 calories for 8 ounces. With 240 calories for one serving, a frappuccino contains more than three times the calories.


It is also essential to recognize types of drinks. In this case, we will discuss frappuccinos and cappuccinos.

Types of coffee frappuccinos

Types of coffee frappuccinos

There are various customizations of this drink, and you can have one for your preference. The frappuccinos have seasonal drink flavors, coffee or cream-originated, and even unique formulas!

Types of coffee cappuccinos

Types of coffee cappuccinos

Cappuccinos do not come in different flavors, but they can offer some variations. 

  • Wet/dry cappuccino: The wet has more steamed milk, and the taste is like the latte. The dry has less hot milk, and the color of the espresso is darker.

  • Iced cappuccino: It is the cold version of the hot drink.

Frappuccinos are different from cappuccinos, and this video will help you make frappuccinos from cappuccinos.


Youtube source: cookingguide

Final Words

Life is so short that you should enjoy variations of coffee drinks for each day. Which is better, coffee or cappuccino? Once you grasp the latte differences between frappuccinos and cappuccinos, you will know what you should call when coming into a coffee shop for a hot or cool day. 

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