What Is The Greatness Of The Canon EOS 7D? [Detailed Review]

The Canon EOS 7D has been one of the greatest APS-C DSLR models on the market since Canon released it. It's a terrific camera, and it has been a great deal on the secondhand market. So, what is the greatness of the Canon EOS 7D? For many years, Canon was the undisputed leader in the digital SLRs market. It offers both consumers crop-frame and premium full-frame devices. Then Sony and Nikon produced cameras that matched, if not outperformed, Canon's consumers offering. Canon's answer to its competitors is the EOS 7D. The most appealing features that make Canon EOS 7D a worthy camera for photographers are listed below. Let's get right into the details!

Canon EOS D7

Canon EOS 7D is an 18 megapixels, and robust magnesium camera. People aim squarely at this camera at the center of the prosumer market, including those looking for something more advanced than a typical DSLR. It also has an appealingly cheap price tag.

You can completely rely on the constructions in the video below to better understand the greatness of the Canon EOS 7D.

This Canon EOS 7D review should assist you in determining whether this is the perfect camera for you.

Canon EOS D7

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  • CMOS sensor with a resolution of 18 megapixels

  • ISO: 100-6400, adjustable to 12800 with 0.3 and 1.0 EV steps

  • 19 AF points for focusing

  • HD movie mode.

  • Flash: Including a pop-up flash.

  • LCD 3-inch LCD panel with 920,000 pixels

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion LP-E6 battery

  • 5184 x 3456 pixels is the maximum photo size.

Body & Design 

The EOS 7D instantly recognizes itself as a member of the EOS series. However, there are several key distinctions between its other counterparts. The buttons are bigger than on previous versions (for usage with gloves). 

You can switch easily between live view mode and recording mode, as well as a play button to activate them. Aside from these modifications, current Canon consumers will recognize the interface right away. 

Another notable difference is the isolation of the power switch and control lock, eliminating one of the most common points of confusion for Canon beginners.

Operation & Controls

Canon EOS 7D

Top Left

The integrated mode dial sits on the upper left of the camera. It lacks the 'Basic mode', which sits on cheaper Canon DSLRs. Instead delivers the same options as the EOS 5D Mark II.

This contains the completely automated 'green' mode as well as the Creative Auto mode, which has a simpler UI that enables the user to configure options regarding desired image outcomes rather than exposure settings. 

Besides, the Canon 7D has the standard program and fully manual modes. Three customized set modes are also integrated into this product. Its power button sits directly under the mode dial.

Top Right

Canon 7D Control Panel


The status LCD panel is on the top right of the Canon D7, and there are just four buttons above it: LCD back-light, and three control buttons. 

The AF-ON, AE-Lock, Manufacturer locates the AF, AE buttons along the back of the camera. Besides, its configuration is like the Canon 5D.

What Is The Greatness Of The Canon EOS 7D?

Excellent image quality, accuracy AF system, and long battery life are outstanding criteria that remind us of this affordable Canon EOS 7D camera.

Incredible Low-Light Performance

The 7D's inbuilt pop-up flash also functions as a specialized Speedlite broadcaster, which is a helpful feature. By functioning as a booster light, the camera can operate flashes remotely.

Low-Light Photography Using Canon 7D

Dual Digic 4 processors run the 7D. Its actual performance, particularly in this segment, is outstanding. These processors are speeding up the processing of the massive 18-megapixel data through the scanning and handling pipeline.

Instead of worrying about whether this digital camera is quick enough to meet your needs, be more concerned about whether you are powerful enough to use the 7D.

Good Image Quality

The Canon 7D photo quality is excellent throughout the ISO spectrum. The quality of photo output is outstanding in the same segment (low ISO). 

There is one thing that detracts from the quality of this photography camera is a low-quality lens.

For low-light situations, the camera works admirably. It may overexpose in high contrast situations is the sole flaw in the image quality. Even this, though, may be prevented to a large extent when shooting in RAW.

Movie Mode 

You can manually control the shutter speed and aperture on Canon 7D's movie mode. Full HD is also available, as well as an inbuilt microphone for recording audio sound. 

You can easily connect an audio adapter by jacks for complete stereo sound. Its Dual Digic 4 aids in the manufacturing of valuable video output, which is impressive for cameras in this segment.

Precise Auto-Focus System

Canon EOS D7 Finder

The AF system of EOS 7D is excellent in all conditions. With both Canon's regular and Supersonic lenses, the device rapidly fixed focus. While researching on this camera, we shot several real-life photos and only a few images that were not correctly focused.

Even in incredibly low light conditions, the AF runs smoothly and just slows down slightly, so you can forget about the absence of an AF support light and take other maximum devices.

We have used the Canon 7D at a sports event and it can get a good number of usable photos despite our poor sports shooting abilities. With the Canon 7D's Auto-Focus system's versatility, sports journalists or photographers should have no trouble customizing the system to meet their needs.

This, combined with the eight-frame cameras 'continuous capturing capability, could make the Canon 7D a viable alternative for photographers on a budget or seek a less expensive backup to Canon 1D Mark III.

In live and movie mode, it has marginally improved the AF over prior Canon DSLRs. 

However, it is still sluggish and uncomfortable to operate. When using a live view, pre-focus and focus manually is the best bet, as is customary.

Long Battery Life

The EOS 7D uses the LP-E6 Lithium-Ion battery pack, which is also quite similar to other Canon counterparts.

Throughout our evaluation, battery longevity was never a problem with the Canon EOS 7D. For most photographers, the 7D's battery power should last a day and above.

LP-E6 Lithium-Ion Battery

Overall Operation And Handling

Canon EOS 7D is hefty thanks to its magnesium shell and creates environmental protection. But it lacks the size of a professional body like the 1D, which may be impractical. 

The rubber and metal surfaces provide a sense of quality. Besides, manufacturers contour their hand grasp to be quite comfortable. 

At first glance, the 7D resembles the Canon 50D. However, Canon has constructed some minor adjustments to its new design that create a significant distinction regarding handling and function. This model's buttons are bigger than those on previous models.

The larger buttons are quite pleasant to operate in any situation, but the goal is to increase functionality when wearing rubber gloves when the weather is cold. Switching between live and film mode, as well as a play button, has been added.

These improvements with the custom control panel, provide more flexibility for the most specialized needs and applications.


The premium APS-C camera of Canon has unquestionably resurrected the company. 

Compared to other cameras within the same segment, the Canon EOS 7D stands on its own. We can say it competes with its older brother, the Canon 5D Mark II.

The autofocus mechanism is a pleasure to operate, and the photo quality is excellent. The greatness of the Canon EOS 7D makes it a worth camera for a wide range of customers.

Thank you for reading!

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