What Is The Difference Between Frappe And Cappuccino?

Frappe and cappuccino are two popular variations of espresso-based drinks. They appear a lot on menus at cafes. So, many people often wonder about the difference between these two drinks. 

How different is frappe with cappuccino? Frappe is a cold drink with milk, cream, and flavored syrup as the main ingredients. Cappuccino is an espresso with an emphasis on milk and condensed milk foam on top.

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What Is Frappe? 


Many people know about frappes thanks to the popularity of the Starbucks chain of stores. But the surprising fact is that this drink has been around since 1957. 

The term frappe still means coffee or a mixed drink. Initially, people used milkshakes or cocktails to make frappes.

The initial ingredients are simple: instant coffee, a little water, and sugar. Sometimes, people add more milk if they like.

Bartenders began to change the recipe for this drink. It has a smooth texture, with the main ingredients being espresso, milk, ice, and any flavored syrup.

In different locations, the frappe will have other variations. It is best to consult with your local store to make the best choice when traveling.

What Is Cappuccino?


Cappuccinos are a latte with less steamed milk and more foam.

A traditional cappuccino usually contains about 6 to 8 oz. The classic ratio is 1:1:1 for espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth in order from top to bottom.

Nowadays, it is common to serve cappuccino in larger-sized glasses. It means more espresso and more milk foam. Different bartenders have recipes with their ratios.

This drink also has many variations, and you can use cream in place of milk for a smoother and denser texture. Many people also add cinnamon powder and cocoa on top of the foam to create a cute image.

The high percentage of foam in the milk makes the taste of this drink quite bland. To limit the bitterness on the foam, many people use sugar or cinnamon powder sprinkled on top.

What Is Frappuccino? 


Frappuccino is the signature drink that you can only find at Starbucks.

The ingredients of this dish include a base of creme or coffee and then mixed with syrup and ice. A finished frappuccino will be topped with whipped cream with chocolate sauce or condiments.

Depending on personal preference, you can choose the right flavor. Starbucks offers more than 30 different flavors to cater to every audience. They even develop menus according to the season of the year.

In other cafes, a frappuccino is the equivalent of a frappe.

What Is The Difference Between Frappe And Cappuccino? 

Frappe vs. cappuccino, these two drinks have entirely different properties. This section will dive into each of these aspects to make it easier for you to distinguish them.

Different frappe flavors


Although frappuccinos come in many flavors, most of them are sweet and rich.

You can customize the drink to your liking by adding different syrups or reducing the coffee. Those who cannot drink milk can substitute with creams to create a creamy feeling.

The frappe flavor comes mainly from the powder or syrup mix. So it's a matter of what kind of syrup you like.

Depending on how it's made, cappuccinos will taste different.

If you want to reduce the strong taste of the drink, use whole milk. It will feel like a latte with a light creamy taste.

Robusta beans give a more robust and bitter coffee flavor. In contrast, Arabica beans add acidity and smooth texture.

The duration and method of roasting the beans is also a factor to consider. The longer the beans are roasted, the darker and more bitter the taste.


Espresso is a mandatory ingredient in every cappuccino, but not a frappe.

The main reason is that hot coffee will melt the ground ice and change the drink's texture. No one wants such a contradictory combination, especially when frappe is a cold beverage.

Coffee shops can use instant coffee powder with a bit of water to add to the composition of this drink. The bitterness of the solution will perfectly neutralize the sweetness and fat from the cream and syrup.

When increasing the dose of coffee, the taste of the dish will change. But basically, it is all frappes.

In contrast, cappuccino has a specific recipe. The reduction of milk and coffee will also change the name of the drink.

If your espresso to milk ratio isn't 1:4, it is not a cappuccino. When mixed with a balance of 1:2 coffee and milk, it is called flat white. Add frothed milk on top, and you have a latte.

A mug of hot cappuccino

How To Serve

Frappes are crushed ice with milk and flavors. So, it is an iced drink.

The texture of this drink is dense like a smoothie and is usually served in a tall glass. For decoration, staff will add a layer of whipped cream or cream on top.

A classic cappuccino needs to be served hot.


It's nearly impossible to make a cold cappuccino, although it occasionally appears on some coffee shops' menus. Such an iced glass requires a cold milk frother. Very few people own the right equipment.

We recommend using an iced latte because its taste is similar to that of a cappuccino.

Similar Drinks

Affogato is the drink most similar to frappe. Usually, people will pour espresso over ice cream to enjoy. The vanilla flavor is the most popular, but you can choose according to your taste.

To learn more about how to make affogato, check out the following video.

Youtube source: James Hoffmann

Cappuccinos are one of those espresso-based drinks, so the same goes for similar drinks. These include:

  • Latte: This drink is less intense and has a more creamy taste. It is made by adding a small amount of milk foam and plenty of steamed milk to the espresso.

  • Mocha: Sweet combination of coffee and chocolate. The main ingredient of mocha is chocolate syrup or hot chocolate with steamed milk and espresso.

  • Breve: People make breve by adding cream and milk to coffee. Therefore, this dish has a smooth taste of ice cream.

  • Macchiato: This drink has the most intense flavor. With a small amount of milk froth added, espresso is the main ingredient.

You can follow the table to get a better overview of the difference between frappuccinos and cappuccinos.





- Sweet and creamy.

- Diverse flavors thanks to the accompanying sauce or syrup.

- Have a slightly bitter foam and a strong espresso taste.

- Slightly pale because it contains milk.


- Coffee, milk, syrup, and crushed ice.

- Fresh cream or cream.

- Toppings to your liking.

- ⅓ espresso

- ⅓ steamed milk

- ⅓ milk foam

How To Serve

- Viscous texture like whipped cream or smoothie.

- Drink cold in a tall glass.

- Topped with whipped cream and toppings.

- Hot drink in a mug.

- Silky milky texture with thick foam on top.


Frequently Asked Questions?

This section will answer some questions regarding frappes and cappuccinos.

Is Frappuccino A Coffee? 

Yes, to almost every part. Frappes is an iced ground coffee drink.

When people think of coffee, they usually only think of a black liquid, bitter taste, and drunk hot. But actually, it has more variations than you think. Frappes is a prime example.

However, those who cannot consume caffeine can still use this drink. This drink is diverse in that you can increase or decrease the amount of coffee in the ingredients to create different flavors.

Is A Frappuccino Stronger Than A Cappuccino?

The answer depends on the decrease in the caffeine content of your frappe.

A cappuccino doesn't have much caffeine content change, usually around 65 mg per serving. Meanwhile, a glass of frappe can range from 65 to 190 mg of caffeine. You can even ask for a caffeine-free frappuccino if you want.

Final Thoughts

What is the difference between a cappuccino and a frappuccino? These two drinks differ in both nature and taste. While the first drink is classic and full of espresso, the latter has a dense texture and rich flavor.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information.

Thank you for reading!

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