What Is The Difference Between Americano And Latte?

The world of coffee lovers has always split into two halves: one half goes with milk, while the other half doesn't. Do you know all of these drinks?

What is the difference between Americano and Latte? The key is in the appearance, taste, and composition of the drinks.

Americano is espresso diluted with water, while Latte is a combination of three layers, including espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

In this article, Top Reviews will help you analyze the difference between Americano and Latte in detail!

What Is The Difference Between Americano And Latte?

It is easy to see what's the difference between Americano and cafe Latte at first glance. The appearance of these two drinks is different.

But we need to find out what makes this difference. And which one tastes better, is stronger, and contains less caffeine?

What Is An Americano? 

It is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods on the planet. 


Americano Is Black With Foam

This drink is a watercolor sketch in pastel colors. It has the same color as espresso, but it is more liquid. On the surface, there is a caramel color foam.


Americano Has No Milk

The peculiarity of this American-style drink is its delicate taste. Many citizens love this aromatic, refreshing drink for its large volume and soft taste. 

The taste is quite original and largely depends on the way you mix the ingredients. You can season it with milk, crushed ice, and even alcohol.

The coffee differs from many drinks in its low caffeine concentration. With the serving of this American-style drink. There is as much caffeine in fl. oz. of espresso.

This drink is often preferred by people with very sensitive taste buds, able to recognize the slightest nuances of taste. Another category is those who love the aroma of coffee more than the taste.


Americano Consist Of Espresso And Hot Water

Americans are fond of diluted espresso and drink it from a ceramic mug. To prepare this drink, you need to make a double espresso in the coffee machine, then add the same amount of hot water to the cup. 

For a classic Americano, you need to choose the right coffee blend, the right grind, and roast. If sourness is present in the grain mixture, it will be richer in a hot drink.

The Arabica dominates the aroma of this coffee. If you mix several of its varieties, the smell of freshly made coffee remains in the room for several hours. 

If you need to add noble bitterness and enhance the invigorating properties, choose a mixture of Arabica (90%) and Robusta (10%).

Kenyan coffee has a slight peppery pungency and chocolate flavor. The varieties from India give you a slight sweetness and caramel flavor. 

When buying coffee beans, you can ask the vendor to mix Indian and African Arabica. In this case, this drink will have a more astringent taste.

You can try making Americano at home with the instructions below:


Yourube source: Roasty Coffee

What Is Latte? 

This milky drink is popular in America and Europe thanks to its beautiful appearance and fatty taste.


Latte Is A Drink Of Coffee, Milk, Foam

A classic latte is a drink of coffee and milk, a layered cocktail of warmed milk, espresso, and dense foam.

Since the specific gravity of coffee is less, the drink stratifies. Milk is at the bottom of the glass, coffee is in the middle, and on top is voluminous snow-white foam with the same speck. 

The milk is frothed into a foam, but more fluffy and less elastic than in a cappuccino, then poured into the coffee. The result is a homogeneous light brown drink with a slight head of foam.

Although Latte is milkier than coffee drink, it has won the preferences of many coffee connoisseurs. Usually, you will enjoy this drink is in a ceramic mug or an Irish glass.


Latte Is Light And Milky

It is light and milky, without a bitter aftertaste. This drink is not too bitter because less coffee and more milk. There are many ways to enjoy this milky drink. The variation of the added ingredients creates different flavors.

For example, when you add vanilla to the ingredient, you turn it into a sweet-smelling drink that kids love. You can also add dark chocolate, floral and fruit syrup, or nuts, as long as it suits your taste.


Latte Consist Of Espresso And Steamed Milk

Some people didn't like espresso's bitterness, and they added milk to make the drink softer. For such consumers, Latte coffee was invented. Typically, lattes have more milk than a cappuccino but less cream to soften the taste.

To make the drink for three parts milk, take one part espresso. You need to pour the frothed milk into an Irish glass or a regular clear glass. The main thing at this stage is not to stir the ingredients. 

After 2 minutes, this drink can begin to stratify. The milk will be at the bottom, the espresso will be in the middle, and the thick milk foam floats to the top.

The Verdict





  • Espresso and frothed milk

  • Topped with milk foam

  • Less caffeine

  • High calories

  • More fat

  • Sweeter

  • Espresso and water

  • Topped with coffee foam

  • More caffeine

  • Low calories

  • Less fat

  • Less sugar

Grain varieties

80% Arabica and 20% Robusta 

A mixture of several varieties of Arabica or 90% Arabica, and 10% Robusta

Roast degree

From light to medium

From medium to dark


From fine to medium

From fine to medium

Base coffee



Espresso temperature

+158 ± 41 °F

+190 ± 35 °F

Water temperature

From +195 to +199 ° F

From +194 to +199 ° F

Cooking time

3-8 minutes

25 - 30 seconds

Based on the table above, we draw some conclusions for what's the difference between a white Americano and a latte:

Black Vs. White Brown

The Americano is a solid black with a bit of coffee foam floating on top. Other than that, you'll see three layers in a latte, consisting of two white layers of milk and foam and a brown layer of espresso.

With Vs. Without Milk

Latte contains milk, while Americano does not. 


Both of these drinks can come in hot and iced versions. But the difference lies in the additions. Americano limits the amount and ingredients added because they don't want those things to overwhelm the coffee's taste.

On the contrary, you get more customizable with a latte. You can add whatever ingredients you like, as long as it pairs well with the milk.

It is the reason for the diversity of the latte menu with a greater number of variations than the Americano.

Is An Americano Healthier Than A Latte?

Those who are concerned about the impact of caffeine on health can choose Latte. Since it contains extra milk in the ingredients, the caffeine content is less than twice an Americano.

The calorie content of the Americano is 9.5 units per serving. A cup of 8 fl. oz. of Americano contains 1.86 g of carbohydrates, 0.6 g of protein, 0.6 g of fat. 

The numbers above show that the fat content of the non-dairy drinks is less than that of the jellyfish drinks. There is up to 4 g of fat in a similar latte volume.

If you add milk, cream, sugar, etc., the energy value will increase. In this case, it will be directly proportional to the calorie content of the added product.



Hopefully, you have just had the answer to your question: What is the difference between Americano and Latte?

If you prefer a traditional coffee-flavored drink that isn't as strong as espresso, choose the Americano. Standing next to it, the Latte offers a novel flavor thanks to the steamed milk.

Which one to choose depends on your preferences. If you are new, try both types. There is nothing more exciting than feeling the taste changes on the tongue during the tasting process.

Thank you for reading!

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