Some Explanation On What Is a Lens Filter

Lens Filter is the device that supports you to take the best photos. Usually, it allows the user to adjust the brightness of the image even in bright light. The following details will help you better understand what is a lens filter. Let's explore together!

What Is A Lens Filter?

Lens Filter is a device made of glass pieces with different shapes suitable for different types of cameras. Its most common form is round or rectangular.

In the process of taking pictures, at least you have encountered the exposure of the image. This makes the photographer quite uncomfortable. Therefore, it helps to adjust to give the right lighting effect to your photo.

Lens Filter

Instead of having to spend time editing photos, you use Lens Filter to reduce or increase the amount of direct light for the image. It also affects the exposure of the photo easily.

According to those who have used this device, it was only used in film photography, including black and white photos. However, it has changed too many different colored filters now.

Types Of Camera Lens Filters

As mentioned, the most common Lens Filters are round and square simply because today's lenses are mainly of these two forms.

For buyers, they are always looking for the best glass filter by shape and construction. The easy-to-assemble design is also a plus. Let's learn about these filters below.

Round Lens Filter

Round Lens Filter

The majority of buyers will choose a round glass filter. It is more common than many others and also comes in different varieties. 

The product attracts many customers because it just needs to be attached directly to the front of the lens to start shooting.

On the other hand, the device is also known as a threaded glass filter. If the lenses have screw threads, you screw them to attach them to the lens. With such a simple and compact design, you can bring it anywhere.

The most conspicuous of this type is that it is quite suitable for some DSLR lenses. There are also additional filters such as UV/Clear/Haze filter, ND filter, CPL circular polarizing filter, and more.

Rectangular Lens Filter

The rectangular type of Lens Filter is not too strange for photography lovers. This design has a built-in bracket to fix the filter. 

In addition, to change the position of the scene when you want to shoot at different angles.

The usual size of this type is a 4x6 rectangle. There are also larger or smaller sizes to choose from.

Square Lens Filter

Square Lens Filter

Square filters are also popular nowadays. Compared with ordinary lens filters, this product stands out because it can be used in various sizes, which brings convenience to the photographer.

On the other hand, at our website, you will find the price of this type falling in the average, cheaper than the round one. Its holder especially puts three or 4 glasses easily. It would be great if users attached multiple filters to the camera to help improve the image quality.

In addition, the square Lens Filter is mainly used for landscape photography. It is hardly picky about any type of lens, but the system is also diverse.

However, in bad weather, the product does not work well. The size and shape are also bulkier when carried away.

Reasons To Use Lens Filter

Have you ever wondered why you should use Lens Filter for your lenses? Maybe you often use it but don't know the great uses of this product.

The current types of Lens Filters use modern technology, so they have many uses. Once used, the product protects your lens. 

In addition, it reduces light entering the lens as well as glare and color. As a result, the image is incredibly sharp.

To help you better understand these reasons, please refer to the sharing below.

Protect the lens

Lens filter can protect the lens

In the process of using the camera, it is impossible to avoid camera collisions. This causes damaged lenses to cost a lot of money to repair. However, when installing a Lens Filter on the lens, will limit the damage to the camera.

Also, if you are filming or taking photos in harsh environments. For example, in dusty, rainy, windy environments, the lens filter also helps limit the influence from that environment.

These filters are specially designed to be impact resistant and protect your lenses. Instead of having to spend money on repairs, it is best to buy a Lens Filter to fit into the lens.

Reduce light entering the lens

Sometimes when taking pictures, you will encounter situations where too much light shines on the lens. For those who do not know how to handle it will be quite embarrassing. The best way is to use this product to reduce the light to help you align the shot better.

Reduce glare and reflections

Similar to reducing light, the lens filter also reduces glare and reflection for the best user experience. To do those things, the polarizing filter is the most suitable product that you should choose.

In some cases, the reflection of light in the space you shoot is quite annoying.

When you use the Lens Filter, it reduces reflections well so that the camera captures the best moment. This is one of the reasons that photography lovers care.

In particular, this ability protects the user's eyes. You no longer have to worry about glare or reflections like before.

Ensure correct exposure

Image exposure is always an issue that interests many people, even photographers. The main cause of overexposed images is variable lighting conditions. To overcome this situation, people use filters for lenses.

Thanks to it, whether taking photos during the day or at night, the best light is guaranteed. Because one of the uses of the filter is to provide enough light to avoid overexposure to the image.

Change image color easily

According to the structure of current filters, the product can change colors as you like. This depends on the user's choice and preference. 

For example, if you want to change the image color from black to other colors, you can choose the filter according to the color you like.

Now, images taken through a lens with a filter come to life. Buyers love filters that come in a variety of customizable colors.

Improve image quality

Not only does it control the exposure well, but it also makes the image quality sharper. That is why, whether filming or taking photos, people use this product.

You can watch the video to learn more about how lens filters help your camera.

Source Youtube Pierre T. Lambert

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are lens filters necessary?

Lens filters are an indispensable support device for any photographer. It not only helps to create beautiful images but also allows users to adjust lighting and quality easily. 

Instead of having to use time-consuming editing applications, people tend to choose lens filters. It is for these reasons that lens filters are really necessary.

2. How do I choose a lens filter?

To choose the best filter for your camera, you must have the right selection criteria. Not everyone knows how to choose the best. Here are the requirements that you should know.

  • Choose the right filter for the camera lens.

  • Clearly define the intended use.

  • The device is easy to change color.

  • Capture clear images in all weather conditions.

  • There is a mode to reduce reflections and glare.

  • Improve exposure for photos.

  • Choose a filter that can be changed quickly.

  • Payment conditions.

3. Do lens filters affect image quality?

Lens filters have an effect on image quality. This is an answer that can be demonstrated by the quality of the photos when using the device and not using it. You can see the obvious difference through this comparison.

The images using lens filters have high sharpness, suitable colors, and are quite vivid. In particular, you may be surprised by the features of blurring, frame removal, etc. of the air filter used for your lens.


By sharing the article about what is a lens filter, we believe that you have clearly understood its definition. At the same time, you also know more about the types of Lens Filters and why they should be used. 

We hope you find the best product to buy! 


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