What Is A DSLR Camera? All You Need To Know About This Digital Camera

Currently, we have many choices of cameras, and the most chosen one for professional photography is the DSLR camera. This camera is very popular for its versatility and high-quality produced images. So what is a DSLR camera? Let's find out together to know why it's so popular.

What Is A DSLR Camera?

A DSLR Camera

A DSLR camera is a type of digital camera that has a system of mechanical and reflective mirrors. This system will reflect the light from the lens to the viewfinder of the camera. 

For more specific, let's find out about the term DSLR. DSLR here stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex.

“Digital” refers to the digital sensor that the camera uses.

“Single-lens” means that there is only one lens in the camera. This lens will do all the tasks including framing, focusing, and capturing the image. The single-lens construction allows you to see the view that you will shot through the lens. 

“Reflex” is the mirror system that transfers the light from the lens to the camera's viewfinder.

A DSLR camera consists of the following sections.

  • Lens

  • Reflex mirror (flip-up mirror)

  • Shutter

  • Image sensor 

  • Focusing screen

  • Condenser lens

  • Pentaprism

  • Viewfinder

Sections of a DSLR camera

How Does A DSLR Camera Work?

To take a photo with a DSLR camera, first, you will look into the viewfinder. The image you see will be the image on the photo after you take it. 

A DSLR camera doesn't have lags like other cameras. Because its sensor needs to transfer the displayed image to a separate digital screen. 

The image will enter the camera in the form of light rays. These rays will be reflected upwards by the flip-up mirror to the camera chamber. 

Then, they will go to the pentaprism system. This system will direct the light so that it passes through the viewfinder to your eyes. 

When you capture the image, the mirror will flip up. The light rays will pass through this mirror. Then, the shutter will open, and the lights go to the digital sensor. 

The shutter will stay open until the sensor completes capturing the image. After that, it will close, and the mirror will return to its position. 

Next, the processor of the camera will take the image data from the sensor.  It will convert the data to a suitable format, then record it on a memory card. 

This process happens in a very short time. Normal DSLR cameras will do this process 3-10 times per second. Some professional DSLR can do 11 times per second. You can watch this video to know more about this process.

Source Youtube Fstoppers

Advantages Of A DSLR Camera

1. Better image quality

A DSLR camera will produce images of better quality than other cameras due to its sensor. There are two main types of sensors used in the DSLR camera. They are Full-frame and APS-C aka crop-frame sensors.

These sensors are large and work well in every situation, even in the lack of light. The larger the sensor, the more light it receives, the sharper your image will be.

Besides, DSLR cameras have fast, constant, and effective autofocus. So, they can capture any movement. 

The quality of the lens also affects the autofocus level. But in general, a DSLR camera will focus faster than most other cameras.

A DSLR camera will produce images of better quality than other cameras

2. Interchangeable lenses

You can easily change the lens of a DSLR camera to take different types of pictures. There is a wide range of DSLR camera lenses. 

You can use wide-angle lenses for shooting landscapes. For sport or wildlife photography, there are lenses specialized in capturing movements. Besides, you can choose wide-aperture lenses for capturing portraits.

Every DSLR camera comes with lenses from the manufacturer. But currently, there are many other lens types for DSLR cameras.

You can also attach lenses from an old camcorder to a DSLR. If you do that, you will need an adapter like Fotodiox.

There is a wide range of DSLR camera lenses

3. Large variety of accessories

DSLR cameras come with various accessories to help you take photos more conveniently. Most DSLR cameras have a section called a "hot shoe". 

This is a piece of metal located at the top of the camera. It allows you to attach other devices to the camera. You can attach flashes,  microphones, or wireless triggers to the camera through the hot shoe. 

4. Long battery life

DSLR cameras have very powerful batteries and they can last very long. On average, with the battery fully charged, a DSLR camera can produce more than 800 pictures. 

Besides, DSLR cameras also have auto-shut or auto-sleep mode when you don't use the camera. This mode helps you save the battery. 

The batteries of DSLR cameras are also rechargeable. You can charge them by plugging directly into the mains or using a power bank. 

5. Water resistance and high durability

DSLR cameras have high water resistance and durability. So, you can photograph with a DSLR camera anywhere or under any weather conditions. DSLR cameras are very suitable for live events or extreme sports photography. 

Disadvantages Of A DSLR Camera

1. High price

In comparison with other camera types, DSLR cameras are more expensive. Some DSLR camera components even cost more than a film camera. 

Besides, the included accessories of a DSLR camera are also costly. Except for the battery and memory card, you will have to pay more for other accessories. Different lenses or straps will cost you a bunch.

2. Large size and weight

You may find it difficult to carry a DSLR camera because it's heavy and bulky.

Moreover, it has many large components, so packaging a DSLR camera is quite difficult. The heavyweight of this camera can also cause some problems for your back or neck. 

3. Slow startup and complicate using

A DSLR camera will take you a while before it's ready for use. Besides, it has many buttons with different functions.

If you haven't used a DSLR before, you may get confused with these buttons.  Then, you have to spend some time learning how to use them correctly. 

4. More maintenance and care required

If you use a DSLR camera, you will have to give it regular maintenance and care. It's necessary to clean the lenses and other components after each use. You can bring your camera to a professional to get it maintained properly. 

You will have to give your DSLR camera regular maintenance and care

Final Words

We hope that with the provided information, you have known well about DSLR cameras. If photography is your passion, you should have a DSLR camera. Although it's quite expensive and large, the pictures it takes will satisfy you.

Remember to visit our website everyday to keep updated with the latest news about cameras and photography. 

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