HP Vs Dell: Which Brand Is Better And Why In 2021?

HP vs Dell: Which brand is better and why in 2021? Each laptop has its own benefits and drawbacks. A detailed comparison can help you choose one.

HP Vs Dell: Which Brand Is Better And Why In 2021?

HP and Dell may leave a headache on you to decide which is more suitable to choose. They both include significant features that make them viable options for any customer. So, HP vs Dell: Which brand is better and why?

Dell has built its reputation in the laptop industry. The brand is incredibly famous for its excellent quality. 

On the other hand, HP remains controversial due to its unstable performance. HP company, though, experienced a significant improvement in terms of design and hardware. 

This article will help you make up your mind easier with a side-by-side comparison.

Let’s read on to choose the best laptop!

HP Vs Dell: Comparison 

Dell is a global corporation located in the United States. The company manufactures a broad range of docks, laptops, and other products.

Their desktops and laptops run Windows Microsoft. These are suitable for different budgets and requirements. There's a Dell for everyone, whether you're a gamer or an artist.

HP is a true competitor of Dell. The popularity is the same in both brands. HP began creating reliable workstation PCs at a reasonable price. The first models needed lots of improvement. However, the company has worked on that and kept on manufacturing high-quality and eye-catching products.

Since they are both popular, a comparison is a must. You can check this video out for some explanation.

Now, let’s put them on a scale to consider which brand is better.


If you are a fan of Dell, you're aware that the company places little attention on the design. However, its basic design continues to appeal to a large number of users.

HP has made significant advancements in the design of its laptops over the decades. The Spectre x360 model, for example, features a silver metal frame.

The battle regarding design concepts is close between HP and Dell. However, with the introduction of their latest items, HP does have the advantage in this aspect.

HP keeps on upgrading the designs

Build quality

Dell products now come standard with a minimum of 8GB in their RAM and a quad-core CPU. They deliver consistently good results across the field.

Most recent Dell laptops appear to use Intel Core i7 CPUs rather than Core i5 engines in the latest versions.

At the very least, most HP products have an i5 CPU. Even the Macbook Air featured an i3 CPU until this year's update to M1.

As a result, it's apparent that Dell exclusively deals in high-quality CPUs in this field. 

In this debate, we may also examine Dell's other line, Alienware. They're almost all high-end devices with premium pricing. Hence,  you can claim that Dell has the greatest build quality in the market when it comes to laptops.

Dell Alienware comes with excellent features


Despite the differences in installation, the components are relatively comparable in both brands.

Dell and Intel have a long history of working together. If you prefer Intel CPUs and processors, Dell is the way to go.

If you prefer AMD, HP offers some excellent AMD alternatives. 

In either case, both firms include a wide range of alternatives.


Dell stays among the most powerful laptops on the market today. They're never exactly at the top in terms of client pleasure, but they're constantly above average in terms of performance. 

Dell has this advantage thanks to the higher-quality CPUs and more RAM than some of its less expensive competitors.

The performance of HP laptops at the higher price point is excellent. Its Envy line, followed by the Spectre line, will both function well for a long time.

Unfortunately, HP has a problem with some of their less pricey versions. For the specs, they can be costly, and they're more prone to breakdown. While HP manufactures some of the best devices, they also generate some of the worst.


The Alienware line from Dell is one of the most popular gaming laptop lines. These devices are very fast, flexible, and offer stunning visuals. They are costly. Yet, professional gamers use every functionality and enjoy games without delays or lags.

The HP Omen and Pavilion are two gaming options from HP. These laptops aren't as strong as other gaming laptops. They are, nevertheless, appropriate for casual players who can also use their computers for daily tasks.

As you can see, Dell wins over its competitor when it comes to gaming. The brand’s impressive functions and graphics contribute to the triumph. 

Dell serves all levels of gamers


Dell is a good option if you're searching for a long-lasting machine. Most Dell products offer a comprehensive warranty in addition to excellent customer care. 

On the other hand, HP receives a lot of criticism about its durability. Over time, the gadgets deteriorate. This bad experience is why having a warranty is so crucial. 

Although an HP laptop might work for you, it needs time to be at the same level as Dell.

Battery life

In general, Dell laptops are fairly comparable to those of most other high-end models. A full battery charge should give you about 7-8 hours of use.

If you choose a superior version, such as the XPS series, you may earn even more. However, the battery may suffer in some high-resolution designs.

The battery performance of HP laptops is quite good. Most of them can last for 8 hours after a full charge. 

HP claims that its batteries can remain in their original condition after a thousand charges. This information implies that it should last for three years even if you're using your HP laptop every day. 

However, some people have reported that their HP battery has begun to deteriorate before that time mark.


Dell laptop prices are similar to those of other brands. The firm provides a wide selection of items at different price points. However, most of the prices are reasonable. So, if you're on a tight budget, Dell can be the finest option.

Dell also distributes its devices through authorized resellers, which helps bring prices down. Dell, as you may know, makes laptops in a variety of pricing ranges, from low-cost versions to high-end gaming models. Even the cheapest choice from this manufacturer can operate well.

HP products are often more costly than its competitor. There are, however, explanations for this. Customers will pay for more pricey materials and components.

HP laptops are also exclusively available through specialized stores. As a result, there is no way to purchase them via the firm's site.

We have just compared HP vs Dell. Now, it’s time to sum up. Let’s look at this comparison table for visual explanation:

Dell vs HP Comparison Table
Features Dell HP
Design Simple Simple but still updating
Build Quality Core i7 CPUs Core i5 CPUs
Components Intel AMD
Performance High-quality CPUs and more RAM Good in the pricey model, but the cheaper models need more improvements
Gaming Suitable for both professional and casual gamers Suitable for only casual gamers
Durability Long-lasting Arguable
Battery life 8 hours/charge 8 hours/charge
Price Pricey but high quality, even with cheapest model More pricey, even the cheapest model is still costly
  Dell HP

Which Brand Should You Choose?

All the advantages and disadvantages are clear. The question is which brand suits you more. HP and Dell still shine in their own way.

Although Dell seems to outweigh its competitor, HP has also attracted numerous buyers. Here are some outstanding features that persuade you to buy them.

Why choose Dell?

Dell has two distinct advantages that distinguish it from the others.

First, they provide a large selection of laptops that cover every aspect of the laptop industry. Second, they provide excellent customer service.

Dell is a worldwide brand with a long history of producing multi-purpose laptops.

Dell offers more choices with different price ranges. No matter which choice is affordable to you, the brand guarantees its quality.

Buyers appreciate Dell’s simplicity with options. As a result, this laptop model can serve both computer-illiterate users and IT masters. 

Dell offers multi-purpose laptops

Why choose HP?

Compared to Dell, HP pays more attention to the laptop’s appearance. The company has made great innovations in terms of resolution and monitor quality. Some of the models come with a touch screen. Hence, if you like stunning designs, HP can fit.

There are some easy-going users. They only look for something that can work and look nice while working. In this case, HP is a good choice. The brand also comes in various price ranges. You can pick the one that won’t burn your pocket. 

For the senior student, work-at-home parent, or regular user, HP is a straightforward option. Sleek and powerful devices can help them out. 

HP laptops are suitable for regular users

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To verdict, Dell ticks more checks than HP in terms of functionality. HP is still a fantastic brand that makes excellent computers. They are among the finest when it comes to laptops for a reason. Their united competence sets them against one another.

If you must pick, though, you should consider buying a Dell. The line is more durable and affordable. 

If you're getting overwhelmed by too many choices, check out Dell first. If the model can’t meet your demand, go for the rest.

Hopefully, you will find the right companion for your job!

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