How To Disable the Built-In Camera In Windows?

With the current development trend, owning a laptop is essential. It not only gives you new knowledge but also a useful entertainment tool. So do you know about the built-in webcam or not? How to Disable the Built-In Camera in Windows? Let's find out the answer in detail through the article below!

How to Disable the Built-In Camera in Windows

Turning off the webcam is extremely simple, but it is only for those who have ever had computer knowledge. 

You just need to select the device manager tool, applications, services, or system BIOS. Then click on one of the tools above and select the camera icon.

Finally, you just need to press the slider and slide the icon from on to off, and you have successfully turned off the webcam. 

You can completely rely on the instructions in the video below to better understand how to turn off the computer webcam.

Is a Webcam Really a Threat?

Is Webcam Really a Threat?

You need to use a webcam for necessary cases such as exchanging information or discussing online. However, the webcam is also one of the mysterious spies that you need to avoid.

If you don't turn them off after use, it will most likely cause a lot of trouble to your life. Not only affects your private life, but sometimes it also reveals your personal information, and this is one of the top threats. 

Can you imagine that if one day the bad guys got hold of your information, where would the story go? Really unpredictable!

Therefore, we think that you need to be careful in using webcams for work and study. And to avoid revealing personal information, you'd better turn off the webcam when not in use.

Check If Your Device Has Turned Off The Webcam

A webcam is a tool to transmit content and information between target objects. This is an advanced and very popular online working method to use in recent times. Especially in this time of widespread epidemic, webcams increasingly play an important role.

Besides its strengths, there are limitations we need to overcome. After finishing the programs to study or work with the webcam, you should turn them off. Because only then can you ensure the safety of your device and your privacy.

However, many people do not really understand how to operate webcams and do not know how to turn them off properly.

A very important thing before closing the webcam is that we need to check which application is using it carefully.

Specifically, when you see the computer's LED light-up but you don't know what's happening, quickly cover the cam. Then proceed to check the applications to find out which one is allowing the webcam to work.

How To Disable Webcam On Windows 10 Or 8 Through Device Manager

How To Disable Webcam On Windows 10


We cannot deny that a webcam is a useful tool for today's society, but it also has many shortcomings. So, to keep the device safe, you are to turn off the webcam yourself. But, do you know how to turn off the webcam?

A device manager is a good idea to help you quickly turn off your webcam. This is the fastest way to solve things, but it is not safe for your device. Because this way, you may not be able to solve some of the malware on the device. Therefore, they can still harm your computer.

Let's see the steps to turn off the webcam through the device manager!

Search for device manager

In general, the location of the device manager at different brands is similar. We just need to operate the device, check the webcam application, and then proceed to turn it off very simply.

You need to navigate to the window on the left side of the screen and then search for the device manager in the toolbar. Very quickly, you have undone the step of finding the device manager.

Turn off Built-in Camera

Once you've found the device manager, click on it. In the device manager window, select the arrow to expand the imaging device. Next, right-click the built-in camera and choose to disable the widget.

To end this process, the device will ask for confirmation, yes or no. Select yes to finish disabling the webcam.

If you want to continue using the webcam, you can also use the device manager to open it up.

Check if the webcam is turned off

Finally, to make sure the webcam is off, we need to check it again. In case the webcam has not turned off, it is most likely because you have not clicked off the device. Then what you need to do is do it again.

Use the device manager to disable the webcam only for devices running Windows 10 or 8.

How To Disable Webcam On Windows 10 For Selected Services

Disable Webcam On Windows 10 For Selected Services

If you do not want to turn off the webcam completely, you can immediately think of using some application or service to grant access. And for this case, we take the typical example of window 10.

The specific steps are as follows:

Choice of privacy

First, you need to move to the window icon in the left corner of the screen, then click and select settings. Left-click on settings and select privacy.

Grant camera access

Next, search in the privacy section and select the camera. And you can enable your camera access to allow certain apps or services to access.

At the end of this operation, you use the mouse pointer to slide next to each application and service list with access. By doing this, you can prevent others from accessing it. From there, it brings the safety of your device.

How To Turn Off Webcam Through Bios

Through the system BIOS, you can easily turn off the webcam. However, how to turn it off is different for different types of machines. And below, we will give an example to make it easier for you to understand!

Find camera icon style

After starting the device, you need to move the mouse pointer to the BIOS of the computer. Right here, you'll find the camera icon on it and click it with your left mouse button.

Action to turn off the webcam

Depending on the different models, there will be separate navigation when we click on the camera icon. In this step, we will give a specific case to help you have a clearer picture.

For example, on the Lenovo ThinkPad series, the camera options will be in the I/O Port Access section of the security tab. You need to click and disable the 2 options, then proceed to save the changes and exit the BIOS.

And, of course, to re-enable your device’s webcam, you also need to follow the same sequence as above. Only this time, you will change from disabled to enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with some important knowledge, we have compiled and put together some frequently asked questions.

Do you really have to cover your laptop camera?

We think covering your computer's camera is something you should do. When you are working in your own space, and someone is looking at you, you can imagine that. This is scary!

Of course, this is even more dangerous when talking about sensitive issues with loved ones, for example. Hackers will probably capture and possibly reveal that conversation. 

Or they can bully you into getting your money. That's why we recommend you cover your computer's camera and take action to improve internet quality.

Can you disable the integrated webcam?

In the list of devices, look for "Camera" or "Photography device".

Click to expand that line, then right-click on the device. It will be called VGA WebCam, Built-in Camera, USB Camera or something like that.

Next, right-click on your camera's name and select Turn off the device. That's it!

What causes a Webcam Not Working?

Webcam not working can be caused by malfunctioning hardware, missing or outdated drivers. Also, it may have problems with your privacy settings or with your antivirus software.

Windows usually automatically install drivers when it detects new hardware. If you're worried about your device, you can take it to a computer repair shop. 

Here, they can provide you with more information and workarounds to get the product working properly.


The above article is some knowledge about turning off the webcam that you should refer to. 

To ensure the safety of yourself and your personal information, quickly check if your computer has turned off the webcam completely or not. Hoping that the information can assist you in protecting your device and your own safety.

Thank you for reading!

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