How To Clean A Camera Lens In Just A Few Easy Steps

Camera lenses have a very high economic value. When using, you need to store it carefully. One of the best ways to preserve lenses is to clean them. Let's find out how to clean a camera lens.

How To Clean A Camera Lens? 

The lens is a very important part of the camera. You have to know how to clean for sharper image quality. Apply the following basic steps with the detailed video to clean a camera lens.

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  • Remove all dust and dirt from the camera lens with a blower.

  • Use a soft cloth or lens brush to clean.

  • Spray lens cleaning solution onto the lens.

  • Use a specialized lens cleaning cloth to remove stains.

  • Store in a cool place, avoid high temperature and humidity.

Discover the steps to cleaning a camera lens

Remove dust and dirt from the lens

Lenses are always very easy to pick up dust. Especially the lens part. If they are not removed, you cannot clean it.

Many people have the habit of using their breath to blow away dust. This action is not supposed to happen. Dust that penetrates the water is difficult to clean. So, when blowing with your mouth, it will cause saliva to come out.

You should not use air compressors because they contain oil that drips easily. The best way is to use a blower to blow away dirt.

Blower has a very comfortable size. You can put it in your backpack and take it anywhere. When you need to use it can be very convenient. 

Clean the lens with the right tool

Blower has not been able to completely clean the dirt on the camera lens. At this point you need to perform more cleaning steps.

The lens part is very easily scratched. Image quality will decrease if this occurs.

You should not arbitrarily use any tool to clean the lens. Prepare a very soft towel. You can also use a dedicated lens brush. Then gently wipe the parts contained in the lens.

In this step, use a dry, non-absorbent towel. Because the main purpose is still to remove the remaining dirt. Absorbent towels will make it dirtier. 

Clean the camera lens with the tool

Completely remove stains with chemicals, lens cleaning solutions

When you use it, your hand may touch the lens. This will leave fingerprints. It also leaves some nasty yellow stains. This causes the image to lose quality.

Using normal tools cannot remove all fingerprints and yellowing. Now, using chemicals is a reasonable solution.

When you buy the camera, lens cleaning solutions are also available. Please choose a high quality product so as not to affect the lens. This spray solution usually has a strong detergent so it is highly effective. Spray it directly onto the lens surface and around the lens.

You should spray at a moderate level, too much is not good. Continue using a soft cloth to wipe off the areas where you sprayed the solution. Do not leave out any position so as not to leave chemicals.

Note that you should choose soft towels, avoid using paper towels. When paper towels are soaked in water, they will break and crumble. It will make the lens more dirty and scratched.  

Use a dedicated lens cleaning cloth to clean everything

This stage will be the last step for you to clean the camera lens. You need to pay attention to see if there are any stains on the lens. The above steps removed all stains. Now you just need to check and clean everything before use.

Buy a dedicated lens cleaning cloth. It will help you make the lens look like new again. Especially being able to completely clean everything. Gently wipe all parts on the lens. Make sure the lens cleaning cloth is clean and unused. If you've already used it, just wash the towel.

After use, you should wash it for the next use. Wash only with clean water, cut the use of laundry soap. You let it dry and keep it in a discreet bag for the next time.

After completing the above steps, you need to keep the lens in a cool, dry place. Do not store in places with low or high humidity. Wait until the lens is completely dry. You put it in your camera bag. Until use, just take out and assemble the camera. 

Use a lens cleaning cloth to clean

What Tools Do You Need To Prepare To Clean The Lens?

To make cleaning faster, you should prepare the tools in advance. Most of them are available at camera stores. When you buy a camera, you can ask for them.

  • A handheld blower for blowing dust

  • Brushes specifically for camera lenses

  • Soft, hairless towels

  • Solution, cleaning chemicals for lenses

With these tools, you should keep them in your camera bag. Whenever there is dirt you can bring it to use. It will be a gadget that anyone should equip. 

Prepare the necessary tools for cleaning

Are There Any Dangers When Cleaning The Camera Lens?

Many people when cleaning lenses often have some worries. Since it's quite expensive, is there any danger in cleaning it? There's bound to be some risk if you don't find out.

Few people may realize that the lens has a sensor. If you touch it too much, it will lose its functionality. Now, the lens cannot function as it should.

The lens is also composed of special chemicals and coatings. We can't see it with the naked eye. But in the production process people equip a lot of things.

The lens part will have a protective layer. If you clean too much, what happens to them? Surely the layers of protection, the sensor will gradually disappear. Camera lenses will not produce quality photos without these features.

Cleaning the lens with unnecessary tools is also very dangerous. As it may scratch and damage the lens.

Each product will have different lens protective coatings. They are often corrosive if the chemical is not suitable.

When cleaning you have to look at the ingredients and choose the right chemicals. Otherwise it will be very dangerous, affecting the lens.

Don’t let the lens get in the sand. If you use a cleaning cloth, the result will be severe scratches to the lens. The best thing to do now is to use a blower to blow them away. 

Before using cleaning tools, you need to check them carefully. See if the soil or sand sticks to it. If so, washing it off will be very dangerous.

Pay attention to some things to avoid danger

How To Limit Cleaning The Camera Lens?

People often say prevention is better than cure. Thus, to limit cleaning, you should not let dust stick to it.

Dirt and dust that accumulates for a long time will cause the lens to not produce quality images. At that point, you have to clean up in complicated steps. Then it's better not to let dust get on the camera lens.

The first step in changing lenses needs more attention. You often remove the lens when inactive. And mount the lens when needed. That process has created conditions for dirt to stick to. 

When changing lenses, you need to do it correctly. That is tilting the camera slightly when assembling the lens.

When there is dust attached but new, you do not need to carry out cleaning steps. Just use a blower to blow away the dust. Whenever there is dust, take it out and use it.

The outside of the lens will have a lens mount. The mount should not be dusty for a long time. Please clean it before it gets deep inside the lens.

Applying some of these suggestions will greatly benefit your lens. Thus, people should not clean the camera lens often.

Limit cleaning the camera lens



1. Should you clean your lens regularly?

This issue was also mentioned in the previous section. People should not clean camera lenses often. Because it will lose some essential features.

2. How to clean the hard-to-reach spots of the lens?

The hard points to reach are the nooks and crannies of the lens. The best way you can apply is to use q-tips.

3. What is the best order to clean the lens?

Everyone should wipe the lens in a circle. Wipe from the inside of the lens to the outer edge. Because the lens is the hardest part to clean. So you have to focus on cleaning it first.

4. Is there a way to protect the camera lens when it is not working?

 Don't forget to use the lens cap. All cameras have lens caps. You need to make use of it to protect the lens from dust.

Final Worlds

The above information helps you know how to clean a camera lens. The camera lens determines the quality of the product image. Lens cleaning is very important.

During the cleaning process, there are many things you need to keep in mind. The goal is to avoid serious consequences. Be more careful in the steps taken. 

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