Comprehensive Guide On How to Allow Camera on Snapchat

If you're having problems with the Camera on Snapchat error, this article is for you. This is one of the most common errors of this application, affecting the application process. To better understand how to allow camera access on Snapchat, let's go the information below. Let’s dive in!

Why can't I turn on the Camera on Snapchat?

Not being able to turn on the camera on Snapchat is a common mistake that many people make. This error often prevents you from using Camera when accessing this application.

Usually, it will appear when the user has just started using the Snapchat app. Sometimes, it will also appear when you update to a new version of the software.

Not being able to turn on the camera is not a big deal. You can completely repair them in just a few simple steps with both iOS and Android devices.

How to Allow Camera on Snapchat?

To enable the camera on Snapchat, you just need to allow Snapchat to access the phone camera directly in the Snapchat app or at the operating system's settings.

Usually, when entering the Snapchat application, you can make a common Camera error, which is the message "Oops, Snapchat is a camera app.”

Therefore, you need to make a little adjustment to the camera's access to the Snapchat app.

4 Ultimate Ways to Allow Camera on Snapchat

To understand more specifically about how to grant access to Snapchat's camera, you can go into the following 4 ways:

Allow Snapchat camera access in iOS operating system

For those of you using the iOS operating system, here's the way for you:

  • First, turn on the “Settings” of your phone

  • Then scroll down to search for the “Snapchat” app and tap it

  • Continue to find the “Camera” section in the app and check if you have it turned on (it will show green when you turn it on)

  • If the “Camera” section is off, turn it on

  • Finally, reopen the Snapchat software to see if you can access and use the camera as usual.

For a complete overview, check out the video.

Snapchat camera access in iOS

How to allow Snapchat camera access in Android OS

For those using the Android operating system, fixing the camera access error will take a little more time because the process has more steps.

  • First, you will also go to the “Settings” section.

  • Next, search for “Apps” and go to

  • Then, scroll down to the apps installed on your phone to find “Snapchat” and tap.

  • Please continue to find and tap on the “Permissions” section of the app

  • After that, click on the “Camera” item in the app to check if permission has been granted

  • If “Camera” has not received approval from you in this section, please permit it.

  • Finally, exit and re-enter the Snapchat app to see if the app's camera is working properly.

Don't forget to watch the following video to understand deeply.

Allow Snapchat camera access in Android OS

Turn the Snapchat camera on the right in the app

Another way to fix camera access errors that many people use is to grant access rights to the app. In this way, Snapchat will take you to the actions in “Settings” right away without spending too much time searching.

  • Immediately after accessing the Snapchat app, go to your “Profile Picture.”

  • Then look at the upper right corner of the app, you can see “gear icon”, this is the settings of Snapchat; please click on it

  • Next, scroll down to find “Additional Services” and then click “Manage.”

  • In this section, click on “Permissions.”

  • Here will show a lot of permissions required to use Snapchat. Look for the "Camera" section.

  • Finally, allowing the “Camera” item to pop up can solve the problem.

Most Cameras on Snapchat access errors can be fixed after you do 1 of the 3 ways above. However, if the above 3 methods do not work for you, you can try the next one below.


  • To perform this method, again, go to “Settings” on your phone.

  • Next, find and select the “Screentime” item.

  • Then, select the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” section and permit it.

  • After that, you scroll down to find the "Photos" section, then click "Allow changes."

  • Finally, you can find the Snapchat app among the many different app options installed on your phone and enable it.

Alternative Solution

After trying the above 4 basic ways, sometimes the Camera on Snapchat still doesn't work. The cause may not be due to an error in the permission of the Camera. You can try the following solutions:

Restart the app

A fairly simple and effective way to fix errors is to restart the Snapchat application.

To do this, close the app completely, even in the background, then turn Snapchat back on again.

Update Snapchat app

Update Snapchat app

Another common mistake that users make is using an outdated version of the app. It is obsolescence that will sometimes affect the ability of the camera in the app.

To try and see if you have this error, you can go to the app store (for iOS operating systems), find Snapchat. If the status is not up to date, run again to get the latest version.

Also, you can go to the Google Play Store (for Android), find the app, and update immediately if Snapchat isn't up to date.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it

Fixing application errors can also improve when you uninstall the application installed on your device and reinstall it. Many people have tried this and, of course, fixed the Camera error and many other errors.

To keep in mind when following this method is to save your login information somewhere or try to remember them before deleting the app. Remembering your login information will help you get back into your account after the reset.

Clear Snapchat Cache

Clearing the Snapchat cache is also a good practice that people often do. You just need to access the app, then go to the “Settings” section, select “Cache,” and clear it.

Turn the phone on/off again

Sometimes the application error also comes from the slow sensor of the phone. To improve this problem, you just need to turn off the phone for 2-3 minutes to let the telephone clear the RAM that increases over time. Then turn the phone back on and go into the Snapchat app to see if the error is fixed.

Check wifi/3G

Because Snapchat is an online application, when your wifi or 3G source is not stable, it will most likely affect the app’s service.

Therefore, checking if the wifi or 3g the phone is using is stable or not is also one of the solutions to fix the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I limit Snapchat's access to my camera?

For those who care about security when using technology devices, this is very important. It can be said that Snapchat only works when permission is granted.

However, you can also adjust them using Apple's function Screen Time.

Limiting this indirect access, though, can still help you. But there's only one way to make sure Snapchat doesn't access your camera, and that's to delete the app.

2. Why is Snapchat camera quality so bad?

Unlike the phone's built-in camera, Snapchat doesn't use software APIs that allow multiple photos to be used. Snapchat usually works by taking screenshots of the images your camera captures.

Therefore, despite having a superior camera, the Snapchat photo quality of the Android operating system is often lower than that of iOS phones.

3. Why are my Snapchat videos blurry in 2020?

The quality of videos uploaded to Snapchat often depends on the compression technique of the video when uploading. To save time, videos are usually compressed in different ways for the best.

One of the things that affect compression quality is the video length. The shorter the video, the better the quality will be because it doesn't use many compression techniques.

3. How do you change camera settings on Snapchat?

To change camera settings is very simple, you just search for the Snapchat app in the “Settings” section. 

Then click on “Settings options.” In this section, there will be many different options in the Snapchat application. You select “Camera,” then turn on or off the opportunity here.

4. Is Snapchat camera safe?

Compared to the iPhone, Snapchat does not bring high security for users.

Any person can still see private photos or videos that users post on social networks. This happens while Snapchat is still working without end-to-end encryption.


Above are some ways to enable cameras on Snapchat that wants to share with you. Hope this information is useful in helping you to fix application errors.

Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions about this.

Last but not least, please share with your friends if you find our content useful.

Good luck!

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