How Much Memory Do You Need On Your Laptop?

How much memory do you need on your laptop? We give you specific explanations and instructions to answer this question in the article below. Check it out!

Memory is one of the factors that determine the quality of a computer. But how to choose the amount of memory, not everyone knows.

A standard laptop, meaning that you can write smoothly, must have at least 8GB. In addition, if your usage needs are higher for photo editing or amateur filmmaking, you should choose machines with 16GB RAM.

Some people think the bigger the RAM, the better, but this is not true in all cases. Computers with large memory capacity will be more expensive than average machines. In contrast, your purposes and needs do not need such a large amount of RAM.

What is RAM?

What is RAM?

RAM is a place to store data, information, or temporary operations on the laptop that you have not yet pressed to save it.

For example, if you use words to edit, the text will be displayed on the screen in RAM. If you keep the document and turn it off, the text will save and appear on the hard drive.

In addition to temporary memory, RAM also helps you process data and tasks when you operate on the laptop. For example, starting software or downloading features will require the support of RAM.

How Much Memory Do You Need On Your Laptop?

People often wonder when choosing a laptop because it has too many memory versions for you to choose from. These versions appear to serve each user's needs. You can watch the video below for more details.

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Normal usage

People's demand for use is increasing, so most models on the market today are at least 8GB. Some of the cheaper ones will have 2GB or 4GB capacities, but it really can't do much.

If you work in an office environment and only need to edit documents, you should start from 8GB RAM. Machines with less capacity can still guarantee you basic work but can not store much. 2Gb RAM will not handle large documents or allow you to multitask on both word and excel.

For professionals

RAM for professionals

After a period of use, many people are not satisfied with the current memory and will upgrade. At this point, users can accurately determine their use needs to upgrade to 16GB or 32GB.

For example, if you live to stream, BGB RAM will surely help you. Because our transmission and connection will be more secure and smooth when you have a sufficiently large and stable RAM.

The same goes for professional photo and video editors. You will need 16GB-32GB of RAM to avoid stuttering and lag during video editing. 

If the RAM is not large enough, the chances are that your video will be distorted or have audio errors when outputting the final version.

For long-term storage or special needs

Special demand here is referring to people who play games or make huge graphics. Many games have special graphics that take a lot of space to install.

Games in general and online games require high configuration and sometimes win-lose only decided by a second of lag. 

So if you choose to invest in a computer to play games, you should also prepare a corresponding set of RAM. Most games only need 64GB RAM or more to be able to use smoothly.

What To Do To Get More Memory Space?

What to do to get more memory space

Memory capacity is divided into 2 types: RAM and hard drive. As for the hard drive, you cannot replace or add it unless you change the machine completely. However, you can still upgrade the RAM to help your device better. 

Upgrading RAM will help you save more money when replacing and backing up a laptop.

There are two ways to give your laptop more space:

Pairing multiple RAM cards

Matching 2 or more RAM cards can only happen when your computer has enough slots to insert the card. For example, if you want to upgrade your laptop from 8GB to 16GB, you can add an 8GB card to the machine's RAM slot.

It's cheaper to buy a low-capacity RAM card than to buy a large-capacity RAM card. However, you can only apply this method if the laptop allows the use of multiple RAM cards.

Replace an upgrade with another RAM

Replace an upgrade with another RAM

If your laptop only has 1 card slot, you can only upgrade it by completely replacing it with another card. So you should choose to buy machines with many RAM slots from the beginning to prevent these cases.

However, not every laptop can upgrade and replace RAM with a new RAM card. Like MacBooks, some types of computers will not replace RAM because the manufacturer has integrated RAM into the machine's circuit.

In some other cases, the laptop is sealed, so it cannot be disassembled and will not apply the above method.

Benefits Of Having More Ram

The above mentioned a lot about the importance of memory, but you are not sure what benefits it brings. Because it is a temporary memory, RAM will help run multiple applications at the same time more smoothly.

For example, if you have 8GB RAM, you will only run 1 Adobe software. If you open 1 more Adobe application simultaneously, the device will lag and cannot start the software. So you need to upgrade to 16GB RAM or larger to balance and use applications smoothly.

You also need to consider the application that you will use relative to the RAM.

For example, your machine only has 4GB of RAM, and you want to run software with a capacity of 4GB, it is impossible. If you still try to use it, the device will freeze and cannot open other applications.

You need to consider the choice of memory right from the moment you decide to buy a laptop.

In case of force majeure and needs arise during use, you may consider installing more RAM. Installing more RAM will cost you a bit, but it will be less than buying a new laptop.


For you to choose the most suitable RAM kit, we have compiled the frequently asked questions below.

What happens if the laptop doesn't have enough RAM?

Cheap laptops will only be suitable for people in the office, used to edit documents. So these machines will limit many functions.

For example, if you need to edit photos but only have a 2GB laptop, you will not install and use photo editing.

In short, if the laptop does not have enough RAM, applications will not activate and use. In many cases, the device will run slower, freeze or die. So you need to define your purposes clearly and need to install the appropriate RAM.

What is the difference between a hard drive and RAM?

The difference between a hard drive and RAM


RAM and hard drives are often referred to as memory, so many people cannot distinguish the difference between them. RAM is temporary, short-term memory, and as long as you turn off the computer or disconnect the power supply suddenly, all data will disappear.

Therefore, the hard drive was born to store your data longer and more durable. What you have stored on your hard drive will always be there even when not using it. So you need to save your information on the hard drive and pull it out to use at any time.

What is the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM?

If you are looking to upgrade your computer's memory, the first thing you need to do is distinguish the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. By looking at the symbols and names, you will realize that DDR4 is a later and more advanced version than DDR3.

Basically, DDR4 RAM will be fast, energy-efficient, and have a higher capacity than the other type. If version 3 can only reach a maximum speed of more than 2000MHz, the more advanced version does not limit this speed.

Another note for those of you with gaming machines is that DDR4 can handle capacities up to 256GB. If you want to invest in a large degree, you should choose this type of RAM. However, you must double-check your RAM slot type because DDR3 RAM will not plug into the DDR4 slot.


Surely after reading the article, you have equipped yourself with useful knowledge about memory as well as laptops. Hopefully, you can choose a computer with the right amount of memory for yourself with this article.

In addition, we also provide you with information such as how to upgrade the memory to save money. If you find the article good, don't forget to share it with everyone so they can choose the right laptop for themselves!

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