How Far Can You Drop A Laptop? How To Fix A Dropped Laptop?

How far can you drop a laptop? How to fix a dropped laptop? This article has included a detailed answer. Let's refer to it!

Dropping a laptop is a common mistake that anyone may make. In some cases, your laptop can still work well after a drop. However, good things don't happen to all people. So, how far can you drop a laptop? 

The answer depends on what laptop you are using. The product with a high level of durability can withstand higher drops. On average, a regular laptop can fall about 30 to 50 inches off the ground.

This article will discuss the issue related to dropping laptops. We also suggest some methods to fix a dropped device. Let's read on to discover!

How Far Can You Drop A Laptop?

The quality of your laptop determines how far you can drop it. Typically, a laptop will still work if it falls about 30 inches off the ground. 

Otherwise, some renowned brands have claimed that their products are still steady after dropping from the height of 50 inches.

The material of the laptop plays a vital role in this situation. If the laptop case is robust, it can protect the inner parts better. Even after a drop, you may notice some scratches on the case, but the same function remains.

If the case is fragile, your laptop will suffer damage no matter how good the software system is. 

After a drop, the damage level of a laptop may depend on other external factors, such as which part of your laptop contacted the ground. The lower part of a laptop seems to be more robust. 

Another factor contributing to the degree of damage after a drop is an angle. With different angles of contact, your laptop will face a certain kind of havoc.

How far can you drop a laptop?

Drop Tests For Laptops

The drop test is one of the most common tests used by manufacturers to prove the durability of their products. 

The test can take numerous forms. The typical one is to use surfaces from different heights off the ground. With the touch of a button, the laptop will drop once they lift the surface to a certain height. 

The drop test checks the laptop's shock resistance when it contacts the ground. Then, the technicians will inspect all of the laptop's interior components.

Some businesses even undertake damage tests on packages during the delivery process. This test appears to be a hydraulic button smashing a package, followed by staff inspecting the destruction to guarantee the laptop protection.

A drop test can reflect how durable a laptop is

Problems From Dropping A Laptop

Dropping a laptop is a risky and perhaps lousy mistake. It's also commonplace, particularly with laptops. 

Most companies have warranties on their gadgets to protect their assets, but most basic insurance options do not include free maintenance for dropped devices. 

Here are some symptoms of damage you may need to detect before bringing your dropped laptop in for a pricey examination.

Outer damage

Outer damage is the first thing you can check after dropping your laptop. It would help if you watched the chassis for any broken pieces or cracks.

Then, have a closer look at the ports, particularly where you plugged something in when your laptop fell. Determine that all of them don't get any damage. 

If there is no apparent crack, you have good news.

Inner damage

After ensuring that nothing goes wrong with the outside, check the inside. You can start by turning your laptop on and listen for any loose components shaking inside the chassis. A stable laptop should have every part stay in place, and nothing should move around. 

You also need to make sure that you have unplugged and removed any side panel from your desktop. All the cords should stay firmly. Moreover, no memory chips or modules have detached from their sockets.

Display broken

It's also important to check the display once you drop your laptop. You will easily notice some straight lines or patterns instead of the preboot sequence. Even minor damage can cause some dead zones on display. 

If your display becomes intact, let your laptop reboot.

Poor performance

After booting your laptop, run a few easy tasks such as launching an app, opening a document, and surfing the Internet. Then, check if performance has decreased or not. 

If your laptop operates slowly, you may be suffering from the hard drive or memory. If you can't access the internet connection, the network interface part may get damaged. 

On the other hand, if everything is running well, your laptop won't need any service.

Precautionsanother device. Even if your laptop doesn't have yan sign of damage, you should do it in case it may come in the future.

A hard drive is the most essential and also the most fragile component of your laptop. After a drop, primarily when your drive is operating, there must be a high chance that the drive gets damaged. 

To avoid data loss, you should back up all the essential data immediately to

A drop causes tons of problems

Signs And How To Fix A Dropped Laptop

Dropping your laptop is a misfortune. If you notice any sign of damage, you can fix it on your own or take it to the tech repair store. Here are some methods to tackle the problems from a dropped laptop. 

Your laptop has died

The sign for a dead laptop is that it stops working. It can't even turn on and power on. To fix this problem, you should follow these steps:

  • Unplug your laptop and peripherals.

  • Take the battery out.

  • Detach your laptop to check its motherboard.

  • Look for the CMOS battery, which looks like a coin.

  • Press the power button and hold for 40 seconds.

  • Reconnect the CMOS battery.

  • Connect the laptop battery.

  • Turn your laptop on.

Display issues

Display issue is an apparent issue when your laptop falls off the ground. If the contact affects the screen, you will see strange patterns, such as spots or lines. There is also a case that your screen turns black completely.

Screen with spots and lines

Unfortunately, you can do nothing for your laptop in this case. The damage has occurred. If the patterns on the screen don't annoy you so much, you may keep using your laptop until you can afford a new one.

We cannot fix the line errors on the screen

Blue display

The bluescreen error can be really frustrating. Some of the causes are hard drive, motherboard, or RAM.

You may find fixing the hard drive and RAM easier than dealing with the motherboard. If the problem comes from the board, you need to replace it.

On the brighter side, the hard drive can be the cause. Then, you can test with another hard drive using OS installation. You may also need to format the hard drive with a USB. This method can help fix the bluescreen error.

After fixing the hard drive, if your screen is still blue, the problem must be a RAM error. 

You can remove and then reinsert the RAM. It may have shifted after the drop. Then, clean the RAM and its jacks as well. If necessary, you can replace the RAM to fix your issue.

Black display

Black screen errors may result from hardware and software issues.

Software problems are relevant to programs or applications installed on your laptop. Meanwhile, the hardware has a strong connection with the screen.

Black screen error

You can reset your device and check the black screen during the booting time to detect the issue. If the screen is still black after a reset, the screen has gotten damaged, or the RAM may not stay in place.

If you turn your laptop on without using the RAM, your laptop can run with no display. Hence, ensure that you have checked the RAM correctly.

If your laptop turns black after the logo of Windows, it means that you are facing a software issue.

Here is how to fix it:

  • Access the task manager.

  • Choose the "File" option.

  • Opt for running new tasks.

  • Type "Explorer.exe" and run.

This method will open the home screen. However, it is a temporary solution. You need to repeat the process above every time you turn your laptop on. 

It would be best to reinstall the Windows for a permanent cure.

There are many tips on fixing a dropped laptop. Learn more tips to tackle any problems related to laptops not turning or running.

Source : Youtube PC Monkey


If your laptop can function well after a drop, you have two pieces of good news: you can continue using your device, and it is of high quality. 

On the other hand, there may be some problems happening to your dropped laptop. Don't panic! There are some ways to relieve your concern, as we have discussed.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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