How Can You Put Tea In An Espresso Machine?

Can you put tea in an espresso machine? The answer is yes. It is possible to pour teas in a portafilter rather than ground coffee and make the drink if you need it. Yet, you will have to wipe off the group head entirely, and the flavor of the drink is likely to be weaker.

There is a wide customization of brewing by Top Reviews that you can apply to make the beverage to have a better taste if you want to brew teas in the espresso machines. Let’s read on to discover!

Can You Put Tea In Espresso Machines?

You can brew the drink in espresso machines. How to make tea in espresso machines? You will have to pour teas into a portafilter like the way of brewing ground coffee. Then, you cram down these tea leaves as the coffee grounds.

The beverage probably tastes a bit weak. It is because the operation of the machines is to brew coffee by pressing hot water through the ground coffee. 

These leaves do not become ungrounded. Then, they can allow the hot water to go straight through these leaves which does not let natural flavors develop. This water flow with high pressure passing through these leaves causes them not to blend with the hot water.

Here are two tips to help you make greater teas with your machine.

Grind  the these leaves

Grind the tea leaves

How to make chai tea with espresso machines? One method is grinding the leaves to make grounds like coffee grounds. It will help avoid weak flavors.

When you put grounds in your machines, it will make the hot water go through the ground in the portafilter for a longer time. The result is one serving with richer and fuller tastes.

Use types of teas that can diffuse quickly

Use types of teas that can diffuse quickly

The majority of leaves intend to blend with the hot water for about five minutes, while the machines brew coffee in only 30 seconds. In other words, almost all leaves do not have enough time to diffuse in hot water.

Instead of grinding the leaves, you can choose those types of teas that can mix the water.

Considerations When You Put All Teas In Machines 

If you get determined to make the drink with your machine, there are some considerations that you should acknowledge.

The taste may be burnt.

The machines make use of steamed and high-pressure water at about 200°F. The majority of teas do not aim to brew at that high temperature which can lead to a burnt taste, especially if you use grounds.

Yet, there are also types of leaves that can bear 200°F, like black teas and herbal teas.

The taste may be bitter.

If you grind these leaves too finely, it can cause the drink to taste bitter. It is because the steamed water can pass through grounds for a longer time. The result will be over-extraction and bitter, burnt tastes.

The taste may be weak.

The beverage may have weaker flavors because you use whole leaves in a coffee maker. It is the reason why you should grind leaves first before brewing.

You have to wipe off the bag and the group head completely.

If you use the machines to make the tea, it is essential to clear up the group head, the bag, and the portafilter entirely. The reason is that some of the grounds can get stuck to them.

Brew The Drink In A French Press 

Brew Tea In A French Press

If you look for a simple way to brew tea, the recommendation is to use the  French press.

Can I use tea bags in my coffee maker? The French press is one pot with an internal plunger. Here is what you need to do if you want to make teas in a French press. You pour the hot water and leaves into the French press, wait some minutes. After that, press the plunger down, and you will have the liquid.

The French press is quick and straightforward to use. Also, you will not have to be concerned about impairing the coffee maker or changing the taste of espresso coffee.

This device will let you control the flavor of the teas as well by pressing the plunger down sooner or later. If you push the plunger down quickly, the tone may be weaker, and if you push it down slowly, the flavor may be fuller.

How to make the perfect drink every time with a French press? Let’s discover via this video.

Source Youtube French Press Coffee


These frequently asked questions in this part will help provide some practical tips to use your coffee maker.

Can you pour milk into the espresso machines?

It is not wise to pour milk into your coffee maker. If not, it can impair the machines. It is likely to taste bad, and it can encourage mold to grow. Rather than that, you should utilize the milk steamer to make the milk hot, then pour it into your espresso. 

Can you pour ground coffee into the espresso machines?

You can use grounds in the coffee maker. Yet, it is better to use ground coffee since the too fine grounds can make the taste richer and fuller.

Wrap Up

You can put tea in an espresso machine to make a cup of tea. Grinding tea leaves or choosing easy-diffusing leaves can help the taste to develop.

However, when you brew the beverage in your coffee maker, the taste can be burnt, bitter, and weak. It also takes more time for you to clean up the machines.

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