Does Epson Projector Have Bluetooth?

Does Epson projector have Bluetooth? Nowadays, both phones and laptops accept Bluetooth connectivity. What about Epson projectors? To dig deep, read the article.

The short answer is that Epson projectors do have Bluetooth. Cables and wires have always been difficult things to deal with. Despite the fact that most devices offer wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, many projectors currently rely on cables to deliver video and audio. 

So, does the projector have Bluetooth? More specifically, does Epson projector have Bluetooth? Let’s follow the article below to determine how Epson projectors support Bluetooth connectivity and connect it.

Does Epson projector have Bluetooth?

Does Epson projector have Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity is not available on most Epson projectors. Conversely, you can connect some of their audio systems over Bluetooth. Even those having Bluetooth don't utilise it to share and show files with their phones and laptops.

Most Epson gadgets employ Miracast or a modern tech called iProjection to exchange and show data. iProjection allows users to connect their devices to Epson projectors via a platform.

Epson projectors include strong built-in speakers that transmit audio effectively and are adjusted on the newest models. With this in perspective, Epson's decision to exclude Bluetooth connectivity from its projectors appears to be sound.

Furthermore, connecting to other gadgets and displaying their app is far quicker than sharing stuff through Bluetooth. As a result, the absence of a Bluetooth connection isn't a significant issue.

If you simply need to link your projector to a Soundbar, our post includes a selection of the top Epson projectors featuring Bluetooth technology.

What is the use of Bluetooth in Epson projectors?

Bluetooth-enabled Epson Projectors mainly utilise it to attach to sound programs that enable the tech, such as speakers, headsets, TV stereos, and other audio systems.

Despite popular belief, the wireless connection that allows Epson projectors to connect with smartphones and PCs to transfer and project material is not referred to as Bluetooth Sharing.

Rather than Bluetooth, the newest Epson projector creates a character iProjection to interface to other connectivity options. This software is available for iOS, Android, PC, Mac OS X, and Chromebooks, and it has a plethora of essential components for home theatres, education, and meeting rooms:

  • For starters, it can integrate up to 50 gadgets into the projectors. You may also broadcast material with up to four systems at the same time.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Keynote, Google Docs, JPG, TIFF, PNG, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are among the file formats supported by iProjection.

  • When using iProjection software, you may surf the web and see high-quality movies and photographs.

  • Users can transmit their camera and watch live shots on a large screen if engaged through your smartphone. You may use your smartphone as a document scanner with this capability. In this post, you can find more details on utilising a webcam or your phone camera as a document recorder.

  • Using iProjection's devices, such as a notepad and highlight, you may draw on the projected image.

  • This programme also supports two-way publishing, which means you may post and show material on one gadget while downloading to another.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Projector

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Projector

The installation must be similar to syncing a Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone or other equipment once you've checked your projector has Bluetooth built-in. The only challenge may be the menus and options particular to your projector.

It's one of those moments when having the user guide accessible comes in handy since it will almost certainly include instructions on how to travel to the screen where you can operate the projector's Bluetooth technology. So browse through one of your trash cabinets or conduct a fast Google search for the consumer handbook.

To connect a Bluetooth headset to a projector, follow the two steps below.

  • Acquire your Bluetooth speaker and set it in in-pair mode by pressing the power switch for a few seconds or pressing a button with a Bluetooth sign next to it.

  • You should be free to choose the speaker from the projector's settings while in-pair mode.

After you've finished exploring, you must have your speaker synced to the projector, now power it up and control it. If the sound quality is adequate, see nothing further to do.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Epson Projectors?

Follow these instructions to link Epson Projectors which assist Bluetooth technology, to your speaker, headset, or audio system:

  • Switch on the Epson Projector and select the Menu option

  • Choose the Settings tab and hit Enter in the box that appears

  • Click the HDMI Link tab from the menu and click Enter

  • Choose the Audio Out Device from the current list that opens, then click Enter. Then select Projector and click Enter once more

  • Back to the Settings menu by hitting Esc

  • Next, choose the Bluetooth tab and then click the Enter key

  • Choose Bluetooth Audio, toggle it to On, and afterwards hit Enter

  • By selecting Esc, you may switch to the Bluetooth menu

  • Put on the speakers or headsets and check if they are in discovery or connection mode

  • Return to the projector's panel and choose Search Bluetooth Device

  • When you hit Enter, the projector will display a list of gadgets containing your speaker

  • To attach, select your device and click Enter

When you power on the Epson projector and speaker again, they will connect automatically. 



Epson is a global company that develops high-quality projectors for various applications, including home theatre projector, meeting room projector, educational projector, portable projector, and plenty more.

Many individuals may be frustrated that most of their almost-flawless gadgets miss Bluetooth connectivity for audio systems. Moreover, when you consider the powerful audio that Epson incorporates into the majority of their projectors, the option begins to make sense. 

So, if you want a Bluetooth speaker, select one of the projectors that supports Bluetooth or utilise the alternative described.

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