Do Laptop Need AVR? How To Use It Safely

Does A Laptop Need AVR? How do they improve the quality of your computer? Our article below will give the full answer for you to grasp easily.

Currently, there are many additional tools in the transmission of electrical energy, especially AVR. Therefore, recently AVR often has a lot of people interested and asking questions. So, do laptops need AVR?

AVR, also known as an automatic voltage regulator, helps maintain the voltage level of electronic devices. Laptops also need this device to maintain their regular operation.

However, are you sure you know all about the uses and features of AVR for each appliance in your home? Let’s learn on to discover!

What Is AVR?

What is AVR? (

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) You may not know that an automatic voltage regulator helps maintain the output voltage to match the electronic devices in your home. 

Through this, your electronic devices will avoid damage and help reduce other concerns that may occur due to overload due to the power supply.

In addition, we often know two types of automatic voltage regulators, including Servo motors and Relays. In which, Servo motors have more durability than Servo because they can withstand voltage changes.

For this reason, most users prefer to choose AVR servos instead of relays. However, the relay is also a suitable choice for common household appliances. 

Do Laptops Need Avr?

Do Laptop Need Avr?

The auto regulator is necessary to maintain the voltage of the devices and not except the laptop. So, AVR is an excellent choice to help your laptop avoid the risk of electrical damage while helping to keep the current flowing to the laptop stable.

AVR is not a mandatory device attached to a laptop. So if you don't need to use or find AVR too affordable, you can consider buying it.

Furthermore, not no electrical device may be suitable for AVR use. AVR doesn't seem necessary, especially for household appliances without devices or accessories that are too sensitive or complicated about electricity, such as fans, heaters, etc.

However, if your family uses a flat-screen TV, set of speakers, or a laptop, using AVR will be a perfect choice. 

Does The AVR Feature Help You?

Does The AVR Feature Help You?

First of all, you need to know the features of this auto regulator before we conclude whether it helps and is worth your choice:

Low impedance feature

The first to mention is that the auto-regulator can achieve low impedance. Impedance can be understood as the resistance to electric current.

Usually, impedance is found in audio equipment such as speakers or radios because they use bidirectional current.

You can imagine the sound coming from the speaker is a stream of water, and your speaker is the conductor that carries the water.

If your impedance is too large or the current resistance is significant, will the audio flow smoothly? That's why low impedance is required; AVR can do this.

Adjust the voltage

True to its name, it is an automatic voltage regulator. It can adjust the voltage value to suit electrical equipment.

Different devices will receive various adjustments due to incompatibility in size, wire type or performance kit, etc., and errors appear. However, the ability to adjust voltage is the optimal plus point of AVR.

Voltage accuracy level

Thanks to the automatic voltage regulator, the output voltage to your device or application is more precise and perfect. However, this accuracy seems to vary from device to device because the voltage is always associated with the load.

Load compatibility

Usually, the compatible speed of AVR will be suitable for most of today's household electronic devices to avoid instability during use.

Therefore, an automatic voltage regulator is an effective solution to ensure its operation for other loads of the same power source.

Above are the four features of the automatic voltage converter that we have introduced to you. Then you must have found yourself an answer about whether AVR benefits you or not. 

Benefits Of Using AVR

Benefits Of Using AVR

  • No regular maintenance: Unlike other power tools, other than putting the voltage regulator in place and plugging your electronics into the ports, there is almost nothing you need to do for maintenance. However, sometimes you also need to adjust or check the machine's indicators.

  • Lightning protection: Usually, the voltage regulator has twice the lightning protection to avoid hazards to your equipment, especially in case of sudden surge and damage to the equipment

  • Wide choice of AC and DC equipment: voltage helpful regulator even if your equipment is DC or AC

  • Voltage correction: through the use of input voltage and pass-through AVR resistors, optimize the amount of electrical contact across your devices

  • Equipment protection: last and most importantly, your equipment will not face the risk of unnecessary damage thanks to the use of a voltage regulator.

How To Use AVR Safely

  • Make sure the power is within the limit of the AVR, avoid plugging in too many devices that make the AVR overload

  • Do not use wet hands when operating the machine as the AVR may open and cause shock

  • Do not immerse the voltage regulator in water

  • Ask an expert or someone experienced in power calculations to choose the right and most suitable AVR.

Different AVR & UPS

Different AVR & UPS

Sometimes you can confuse AVR and UPS. However, these two devices are entirely different; let's find out with us.

UPS is a power supply that provides an uninterruptible amount of power, usually the solution when your family has a power outage, especially when you are working on the computer and have some essential data.

Thanks to the UPS, you will have time to save them before the machine shuts down. Similar to AVR, UPS is also suitable for laptops, only with printers or WIFI routers.

However, the difference between AVR and UPS is its features. Besides the ability to regulate voltage like AVR, UPS can store backup power for the server in case of sudden power failure. Besides, the UPS can also charge the battery right in the machine.

In addition, AVR helps to avoid fluctuations in power sources and comes with storage batteries, so its cost is also relatively higher than UPS.

Above are a few differences that will help you make sure you no longer confuse these two completely different tools. Also, you can watch the video to understand more deeply.


In addition to the features or benefits of using AVR, we have selected to answer some of the most interesting questions to you in this post. Maybe you also have the same questions like them. Find out more with us right here:

Which AVR brand is the best?

A few famous brands of AVR must be mentioned, such as Denon, Onkyo, AudioControl, etc.

Denon is probably the leading trusted brand with many features and diverse machine types, especially AVR Entertainment's purpose.

How do I choose the right AVR?

Choosing a standard AVR will be pretty complicated. First, determine your device's total Wattage/s by looking for them on the labels. Then multiply the power of that device by 3; the obtained result will be the basis for choosing AVR.

Especially when using a 110V outlet, make sure the total power of the device does not exceed 50% of the AVR's capacity.

If you're having trouble with these steps, try asking an expert or experienced person to help you choose the best AVR.

Is AVR important for PCs?

AVR helps your PC reduce the risk of unnecessary damage while providing the right power for your PC. So AVR is quite essential for a PC, but it is an optional device if you don't need it.

However, if you live in the Philippines, you can face power fluctuations frequently throughout the day, so having an AVR is essential.

Can you use a laptop without an AVR?

AVR will not be a problem if your laptop does not use AVR because it helps your computer have a stable current.

In addition, you can consider using a UPS with backup power when needed when there is a sudden power failure.

How do I know if my AVR has an error?

It doesn't seem too familiar for the automatic voltage regulator to fail, but it's still inevitable that your AVR will fail. The AVR isn't easy to fix, though, so you shouldn't try to disassemble or disassemble its parts yourself. 

You should contact repair professionals to assist you best because sometimes accessories come with the manufacturer and require a shift technician.


We hope this article can help you answer your questions about AVR. On the other hand, you are no longer confused between the two devices, including AVR and UPS. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below this article. 

Thank you for following this post! 


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