Do Laptop Chargers Have Surge Protectors?

Do laptop chargers have surge protectors? What are their advantages, and how does a surge protector work? Find answers and helpful buying tips here.

Surges are every electronic device's nightmare. Imagine you need a laptop to meet a deadline or run a favorite movie; boom appears and fries your laptop.

So, do laptop chargers have surge protectors? Unfortunately, most laptops, regardless of generation, do not come with a surge protector.

You need to equip them yourself if necessary. The main purpose of this device is to prevent voltage surges from damaging your laptop and charger.

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The surge protector is an essential device for your laptop

Do Laptop Chargers Have Surge Protectors?

Most laptops on the market do not have built-in surge protectors. Instead, the manufacturer uses the power bricks contained in the chargers to limit the pressure boost.

These bricks can protect your computer, but only in minimal cases of spikes. Therefore, a strong enough power surge can completely burn your charger, as well as your laptop.

To fix this problem, you should arm yourself with a quality surge protector. In case you install a household or functional surge protector for all sockets and extensions, your laptop will be safe.

Consider choosing the best anti-surge laptop on the market. It will take some time to research, but it is necessary.

We recommend choosing a quality surge protector. The minimum range for this device is 2,000 joules to protect the laptop from a sudden surge problem.

How Do Surge Protectors Operate?

Surge protector’s principle of operation

A sudden surge of current can completely burn your device in a flash. Surge protector was born to prevent that.

To put it simply, a surge protector acts as a controller that monitors the current entering a device. It will transfer auxiliary current to the ground wire (aka neutral one) when it detects anomalies.

For example, your laptop is only allowed to receive no more than 110V of current. The job of the surge protector is to check any current entering it.

If the device detects a sudden surge in pressure for about three nanoseconds, it will allow 110 V of current to pass through and divert the rest to the ground. That way, the surge protector protects your laptop and charger from the risk of fire.

What Are The Benefits Of Surge Protectors?

The surge protector offers better protection for your electronic devices (

The failure to equip surge protectors can lead to massive damage to people and property.

You cannot predict in advance when there will be a sudden surge of electricity to your laptop. A broken laptop will interrupt your work and reduce your performance significantly. Imagine what to do in case you have an important task to do that day?

The laptop is a device that holds a lot of essential documents. For those who do not regularly back up their computers, all information will be unique.

Even if you take your laptop to a shop for repair, chances are you'll lose some vital information.

For a clearer view of surge protector’s benefits, please check out this video!

Source Yotube Techquickie

How To Choose The Best Surge Protector For Laptop?

Not all surge protectors are created equal. If you choose a poor quality product, it will almost not help your laptop when there is a sudden increase in pressure.

You should pay attention to a few factors when choosing a surge protector for a laptop. Please read the following part to discover them.

How to choose the best surge protector for your laptop

Joules Rating

Joule is a specialized unit for measuring the energy released over some time.

A lightning bolt can release about a billion joules of energy in a fraction of a second — an impressive number.

The joules rating on the surge protector tells you how much energy the device can withstand before it fails. Its absorption capacity is proportional to the number of joules.

You also need to determine the type and value of each device to provide the most appropriate level of protection.

The Best Joules Rating For Laptop’s Surge Protector

The higher the value of your devices, the more you need to protect them.

While any device connected to an AC outlet will benefit from surge protection, you must specify a priority for each separately. Appliances such as electric fans, night lights, or blenders may not need a high level of security.

For these types of devices, you can install a surge protector with a rating in the range of 1000 joules.

Laptops are another story. Their value is quite significant, especially in high-end product lines. Most importantly, your laptop contains a lot of your essential data. This data is sometimes more valuable than money.

We recommend investing in a good surge protector with a maximum rating of 2000 joules for laptops.

Some devices that need similar protection are game consoles or home theaters.

Mind Your Location

You will need a surge protector in stormy weather

If you live in areas with frequent thunderstorms and storms, a surge protector is your lifeline.

In some cases, problems at the utility company can also create unexpected surges. Heavy tools and equipment in the industrial area are also the culprits for some surges and line interference.

Even if you are in a residential area, surge problems can still occur. Up to 80 percent of incidents originate inside the home or office. When the electrical appliances in your home turn on/off, they generate sudden small currents.

You won't notice them because they are so small, but these electrical surges will slowly damage your laptop.

Is Your Surge Protector Available?

Usually, surge protectors won't show how many joules they have to protect. They come with LED lights to let you know if the device is still working.

You should check from time to time to see if your device's LED is still on. Sometimes, many people hide the surge protector behind the sofa and forget about it altogether.

If you have been using a surge protector for many years or have suffered a large voltage surge, consider buying a new one. No device can last forever.

Constantly checking and upgrading surge protectors is the best way to protect your laptop and critical electronic devices.


Final Thoughts

Do laptop chargers have surge protectors? The answer is no. Most laptops come with power bricks, which helps limit the increase in pressure to a small extent.

Does your laptop need a surge protector? Certainly yes. The surge protector is essential protection for any electronic device.

A laptop is a place that holds a lot of important information and documents. So, you should install a surge protector right away to provide the best protection.

There are many different surge protectors on the market, but you should opt ​​for the premium options. Believe us, and you will not regret this investment.


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