Dell Vs Lenovo: Which Is The Better Brand In 2021?

Dell and Lenovo are two big brands. So, consumers are wondering Dell Vs Lenovo: Which Is The Better Brand In 2021? This article is the best answer!

Dell and Lenovo are two brands chosen by many people. That's why the question is Dell Vs Lenovo: Which Is The Better Brand In 2021? 

There are many points that you need to consider before choosing a laptop or a laptop brand that suits your needs. 

Let's follow along to find the answer for you!


In terms of design, it can be affirmed that Lenovo is somewhat more prominent than Dell. Specifically:


Dell is often said to emphasize making laptops that are durable, functional, rather than beautiful. The company focuses more on the strength and durability of hardware components. Overall, Dell's design is still quite rough and rigid.

Dell's exterior design is not as rich as Lenovo's. However, the product colors are pretty diverse, which is not noticeable from Lenovo.

Dell's design is quite rough and rigid


Lenovo's laptop lines always stand out with their thin and light design, compact, easy to carry with you. 

Besides, Lenovo also launched several laptops with eye-catching designs, such as Chromebooks, impressed by their thinness and very fashionable appearance. Yoga Y720 has 360-degree folding hinges that bring elegance and elegance to the calendar.

One drawback of Lenovo is that laptops are usually only available in black or silver, not offering many other color options for users. Lenovo laptops are generally only available in black or silver, not offering many different color options for users.


In terms of configuration, Dell and Lenovo can be said to be equal. Specifically:


On the Dell side, most of its laptops have high durability and hardware performance (hard drive, RAM, CPU...).

In addition, Dell continuously invests in the design of the keyboard and touchpad so that they have the most optimal sensitivity and create a friendly feeling for the user.

Just like Lenovo, the processors that Dell equips on its laptops depend on the price range. Dell chooses dual-core processors in the low price range.


The configuration of Lenovo laptops is also very diverse, suitable for all needs. Moderately configured laptops such as Core i3, Core i5... will be ideal for students and office workers.

The laptop line with a strong configuration, a 6 or 8 generation chip, and a sound graphics card will be ideal for graphic design or programming. 

Besides, most Lenovo laptops own SSD, not HDD, so users always get faster and reliable performance.

Lenovo laptop will be ideal for students and office workers


In terms of technology, Dell and Lenovo can be said to be equal. Specifically:


Dell has constantly introduced innovative technologies on its computer lines over the years. Dell focuses on audiences and uses in business and education, providing excellent solutions to meet their needs.

In addition, the Alienware gaming laptop line is also loved by gamers when equipped with the most potent configuration and advanced cooling system.


Like Dell, Lenovo also brings new technology on its laptops, such as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon series with HDRI technology and the Qualcomm processor on the Miix 630 series, which are technology innovations, outstanding creativity.

Lenovo's mid-range to high-end products are equipped with the famous Dolby and Harman Kardon sound technology. Moreover, your audio experience will also be more vivid thanks to the dual speakers on the Lenovo laptop.


In terms of technology, Dell costs more than Lenovo. Specifically:


Compared to Lenovo, Dell laptop prices are more competitive as it has a wide range of models to suit all applications and low price segments. Some of the low-cost machines sold by Dell also offer more features than many more expensive models from other brands.

Dell has shown that sometimes expensive is not always better when providing quality laptops at affordable prices.


Like Dell, Lenovo also offers a wide range of price segments: low-cost laptops (though not as diverse as Dell), business notebooks, 2-in-1s, and laptop game machines. However, when you compare machine components with other brands, this price is not considered cheap.

Warranty service

In terms of warranty service, Dell and Lenovo can be said to be equal. Specifically:


Customer care and product warranties are one area where Dell excels. Their customer support gets a lot of good feedback.

If you encounter a problem, you will be supported 1-1 by a technician contacting you directly to solve your problem.

Dell is rated as one of the best companies globally for customer support as it warrants all products sold without distinction.


Lenovo provides good web support and handles issues promptly, and gives very relevant and accurate support. 

Depending on the model, the warranty period can be from 1 to 3 years. Some models support free shipping for repairs. With the pen and battery, Lenovo's warranty period is one year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dell Vs Lenovo

Both Dell Vs Lenovo have their own strengths and weaknesses, specifically:

For Dell 

Dell has a wide range of price options

With regular, cheap Dell laptops, it will be suitable for students, office workers, etc. But for gamers or graphic designers, you should choose a high-end Dell laptop.

Because, the high-end computers will be pretty good, durable, robust, and long battery life, exemplary machine configuration, for the learning process, working more efficiently.

Buying Dell becomes a logical choice with a wide range of price options, quality assurance, machine performance, and excellent customer care.


  • Long-life machine with stable battery life

  • The selling price is a bit higher, but I'm satisfied with the quality

  • Easy to upgrade the machine to increase work productivity

  • The device is easy to repair when damaged

  • Diverse configuration for users


  • The design is somewhat rudimentary and sturdy.

  • The machine operates noiselessly with the cooling fan.

  • The heaviest weight compared to other brands' products.

For Lenovo 

Lenovo has many eye-catching and diverse designs

Lenovo laptops are the ideal choice for many uses, from study, work to entertainment. The eye-catching and diverse design of Lenovo laptops also gives you more options to suit your preferences and personality.

Lenovo laptop has stable performance, powerful, more reasonable price than other models. The Lenovo brand computer battery model also received a relatively durable rating. The battery has a long runtime.


  • The price is just right.

  • Machine capacity, performance, and configuration are relatively stable

  • Good sound effects when listening to music and watching movies

  • Sleek and modern design


  • The shell is usually made of plastic.

  • The low-cost segment is not diverse.

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You can consider some models below:


Dell vs Lenovo: Which is the better brand in 2021? Which brand is better and should I buy? Both Dell and Lenovo have their strengths and suit different user needs. 

If you care about durability and a strong battery, you should go with Dell. And if you want a variety of colors to choose from and a light weight, then Lenovo is a good choice.

You need to consider your budget, needs, and what you prioritize when choosing a laptop so that you can make a choice of Dell or Lenovo.

Hopefully, from all the advice above, you can choose the right laptop for yourself!

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