Can You Charge A Lenovo Laptop With USB? Some Methods To Charge A Laptop

Can you charge a Lenovo laptop with USB? Is there any other way to charge the laptop without a charging cord? Read this article right now!

If you put a regular laptop charger next to a USB charger, perhaps anyone will notice the apparent size difference between the two devices.

So, can you charge a Lenovo laptop with a USB to replace traditional chargers that are both bulky and heavy? The answer is possible.

Now, you can ultimately use this connector USB to charge your laptop battery.

Let’s dive into the article with TopReviews!

Can You Charge A Lenovo Laptop With a USB

Can You Charge A Lenovo Laptop With a USB

The answer is definitely yes, but it also depends on the model you use because only products with modern USB ports can transmit a strong enough amount of energy to recharge the battery.

Meanwhile, older USB ports often have tiny voltages and can only be used to transmit data.

In addition, another critical factor when assessing whether a laptop is suitable for charging via USB is the available structure. If the device does not support it, we cannot use this new form of charging.

Two issues determine whether a laptop can be charged via USB or not, which are the version of the communication port and the manufacturer's board design.

Types of USB ports

Modern laptops today are equipped with one or more types of USB ports of different generations and styles. However, only a few of them will be able to charge the battery inside the device.

In comparison, most of the remaining ports can only transfer data from peripheral devices to the machine.



USB type A is the oldest type of connection that exists on modern computer models. It is also the most common type of port when most magnetic devices serve storage purposes such as control devices such as mice and keyboards.

Type-A ports are easily recognized thanks to their flat rectangular design and upper contact pins.

In theory, USB type A can connect devices to a computer and provide a power supply of about 5V - 500mA. But in practice, we cannot charge the laptop with this type of port because the voltage generated is too weak.



Compared to USB type A, USB type B is much less common. We will only see this type of port on mobile devices instead of personal computers or laptops.

The design of type B is towards exchanging information from devices such as printers, external hard drives, phones more.

Another difference between USB type B and Type A or type C is the variety of shapes. Almost every type of device will own a variant of this type of port with a different shape. 

So using USB type B for charging is not possible because of the lack of consistency.



Born in 2014, USB type C was the latest generation of connectivity ports to transfer data at much higher speeds than traditional type A.

But its advantage is not only in information exchange but also in the ability to transmit currents up to 20V/5A (100W). Because of this unique ability, the USB type C port can charge the laptop battery. 

And this type of port can support two-way charging from the power source to the computer and other devices.

You can easily recognize the USB-C port thanks to the size. It is close to the USB type B port but has a rounded design with the same corners and two ends. 

This unique shape lets us plug in the connection cable most easily without fear of being plugged in like in USB type A. Some types of USB type C ports can transmit the same image as Thunderbolt 3 or DisplayPort.

To better understand the unique capabilities of this new generation USB port model, you can refer to the video below

Source Youtube Marques Brownlee

How To Charge A Lenovo Laptop With USB-C

If your computer has a USB type C port available, all you need to do is find a quality charger with an adapter and cable. If a cable with a type C plug is not available, you can also use Type A cables with adapters instead. 

However, charging with a different thread may reduce the charging performance of the device. In addition, you need to make sure that the manufacturer's charging capacity does not limit the USB-type ports.

In general, you'll need to do two things to charge a laptop via a USB-C cable:

  • Step 1: Plug one end of the USB-C into the charger and then plug the charger into an outlet in the house.

Some lines have a USB type-C end and a type-A end. In which, the Type-A end will be available to connect to the charger.

  • Step 2: Plug the input into the laptop and check if the power is on.

How To Charge Your Lenovo Laptop In Vehicle

  • Vehicles such as modern trains and airplanes have built-in high-voltage charging ports, and we can take advantage of these energy sources to recharge computers. 

  • Usually, the charging port on the vehicle will be USB type A, so you will need to prepare an adapter cable or corresponding adapter.

If you want to charge your car, you will have to buy an additional USB car charger to get the proper plug.

  • With public transport such as trains or planes, you need to plug the cable's Type-A end into the vehicle's fixed charger and the other end into the computer. 

  • However, charging the battery in the car is not so simple; you will need to do some more operations, such as plugging the USB car charger in first and then plugging the cable in.

How To Charge Your Laptop With A Power Bank

 Charge Your Laptop With A Power Bank

  • Charging through the USB type C port allows for easier and faster charging and gives us better access to various energy sources.

Now, even if you can't use the power source in your home, you don't have to worry because we can use power banks. 

  • In addition to storing a large amount of power, these devices also provide fast charging with high voltage to fully charge the device quickly. 

  • However, power banks usually only offer one or two full cleans for your computer. So always remember to recharge your device and only use this method when necessary

  • The operation when using a power bank for a laptop is the same as when we use a power bank for our phone. You need to plug one end into the charger and the other end into the device.

Charging Speed Via USB Port

Are you looking at the maximum voltage of up to 20V/5A of the USB type C port? It is easy to see that this protocol's power level is much superior to the old connectors. 

So it is clear that the charging speed through the type C port is extremely fast, even catching up with traditional chargers.

More specifically, the power transmission through the USB type C port is not limited to the average power levels such as 12 or 18W. 

Therefore, it is possible to transmit currents with a capacity of up to 100W. 

Can I Use A Cable And Phone Charger For A Laptop?

As long as the phone charger supports the USB-C standard, you can use it to charge your laptop battery. However, you should note that specialized phone chargers often generate relatively weak currents not to damage the details. 

So the charging speed through this device will be much slower than other types of laptop chargers. In addition, using a phone charger for a computer regularly can also cause overheating of the device.

Note When Choosing USB Charging Devices

If your computer is not a USB type C charger, but you still want to use this method, you will need to buy a separate charger. And here are a few details that you need to keep in mind before you buy

Voltage parameter

It is best to choose chargers with the exact voltage specifications as the original charger that the manufacturer ships with the laptop.

Because the more similarities there are, the lower the chance of electrical problems, and you won't have to worry too much when using it. 

In case it is not possible to buy devices that look like 100% original chargers, it is best only to use devices with a slightly higher voltage. And do not use widgets with low voltage because it is easy to cause voltage drop when in use.


You should choose products with long enough cords so as not to cause uncomfortable situations when using.

In addition, the wire with a reasonable length also helps to limit excessive tension, which can cause breakage or internal damage and endanger the user.


So, we already know that charging a laptop battery through a USB port is entirely possible as long as the necessary conditions are met.

So if possible, replace your bulky charger with a lightweight and handy USB charger. Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information.

Thank you for reading!


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