Can Ground Coffee Be Used In A French Press?

Are you considering “Can ground coffee be used in a French Press?” People often brew the coarse grind to make servings of coffee. However, it is acceptable to brew the beverage with fine to medium grounds in press pots.

The fine grounds may be extremely fine for the filter screen of French presses to catch all the particles. Therefore, unless you opt for the flavor of the grounds, Top Reviews suggests that you should have an extra filtration step when using the brewing device to make the beverage.

Can The Ground Coffee Be Used In A French Press?

Can you use fine ground coffee in French Press? Caffeine lovers normally use coarse grounds with a cafetière. Yet, it is adequate to use the fine and medium grind to brew the beverage.

Types of grinds to make coffee in French Presses

Work on the fine and medium grind; you will see more fruit and acidic tastes of the caffeine in your brews. With the proper heat and brewing time, you can determine the level of bitterness to serve the drink.

Can I use regular ground coffee in French Press? Many caffeine enthusiasts take an interest in a cafetière since it can allow them to personalize their servings of coffee so expressly. In detail, you can choose the type of beans you like and adjust the method of grinding the beans.

A more fine-ground bean will offer more extraction of the coffee to get extracted. It will allow more of the coffee tones to develop.

Yet, since the grounds may get quickly extracted from fine grounds, it can lead to over-extraction and serve yourself with intense bitterness.

Consequently, lower temperatures to brew the drink may start the ball rolling. It is because bitter flavors do not develop at a lower temperature.

The optimal option is that you should follow the standard brewing instructions for the cafetière. Accordingly, work on from the medium grind to the coarse grind and brew at 180-200°F for two or three minutes.

How To Use Grounds Coffee In French Presses?

How Can You Filter Fine Grounds In French Presses?

If you want to try the fine grounds in the brewing device, the suggestion is to use only freshly ground beans.

Due to over-extraction, fine grounds for percolators, Moka pots, or drip makers will have fewer flavors than in a cafetière.

To filter the grounds, it is essential to add a filtration option. Here are some things that you can pick up:

  • An additional filter screen

  • A tea ball infuser

  • A fine mesh strainer

  • A fine cheesecloth 

  • A  paper filter of drip makers

Still, these paper filters are not an optimal choice as they can leach the oil from freshly bean grounds and lessen the flavors. If you take advantage of them, you will not feel that the taste is not like press pots.

One practical tip for you is to allow the drink to settle, offering it the time to sit in place in the cup before you drink it. It will let those particles settle, and you can discard the final sips.

The brewing device pot provides various customizations for caffeine experiences. You can try a wide range of sizes, brewing times, and temperatures to look for the ultimate serving of coffee.

If you want to make a great beverage with a cafetière, let’s watch this video.

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You will find the right answer to tackle down your investigations in terms of brewing the drink in this part.

Can you buy the coarse ground beans to brew in French Presses? 

One of the most significant factors of making a caffeine cup is to use the right size of the grind for your planned brewing method. 

People regularly neglect it. Typically, if you want to brew the beverage with the press pot or make a cold brew, it is acceptable to use medium to coarse grounds.

Can you have the coarsely ground beans at the store? 

Fortunately, even though you do not own a bean grinder in the kitchen, it is possible to buy coarse grounds at any grocery store.

Based on the type of store, you may not have a variety of choices, but you can pick up the most suitable one.

The disadvantage of purchasing pre-ground, packaged beans is that these beans are not considered fresh. You must see the date on the package before buying. Find the most recent packaging date you can see, and it should stay in good shape.

Do you have to use coarse ground coffee in French Presses?

As we mentioned before, if you want to brew the beverage appropriately and smoothly, the answer is yes.

If you use too fine grounds in the brewing device and for cold brewing, the result will be a caffeine cup with plenty of irritating sediments.

However, if you still want to make fine grounds in a cafetière, come back to know what you need to do.

Final Thoughts

You can use the grounds in the brewing device to make great drinks. Most often, the French Presses require a grinding method of beans is a coarse grind. 

Still, it is respectable to use the fine to medium grind with the press pot. The only problem is that you will need one more filter, or your beverages contain many sediments at the bottom.

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