Can A Laptop Screen Break On Its Own?

Suppose you see a crack on your laptop screen one day, although you haven’t touched it for a period. Can a laptop screen break on its own? Here's the answer.

When your laptop screen cracks, you will notice various aesthetic flaws depending on what exactly went wrong. So, apart from physical causes, can a laptop screen break on its own?

A laptop screen can break on its own for many reasons, such as physical damage or external influences. 

The following article of Top Reviews will provide specific answers.

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How Can A Laptop Screen Break?

A Laptop Screen Breaks

A cracked laptop screen can occur for various reasons. So, understanding the causes of a damaged laptop screen is essential.

Can A Laptop Screen Break On Its Own?

Yes, sometimes a laptop screen can break itself. Here are the most common situations when it breaks on its own.

  • A laptop screen stops working for various causes other than physical damage, such as an internal fault with the motherboard, and video connections for the screen, or contact to excessive light intensity.

  • The vertical, horizontal lines can appear on their own under normal conditions. It is a common side effect of the laptop's circuits that have been damaged due to broken soldering on the circuitry. 

“Black Ink” Is A Common Screen Damage

  • The shattered glass layer within the LCD is evident by the sharp line and curved part along with the right bezel. However, there is one telltale indication of the impact that is forgetting: crystal leakage. 

What Are Other Causes Of A Laptop Screen Broken?

A laptop display is physically shattered because of many physical damages. It's possible you dropped your laptop or spilled anything on it. 

  • An unintended hit would shatter the glass, but it would also split the two parts of the fracture, allowing the liquid to flow out among the layers, resulting in a blackness.

  • When it comes to screen placement, many users alter the alignment of their displays by holding the bezels. In some situations, they apply a little too much force and press when they do not need to. 

  • Another cause is pressure, which may occur when a laptop is kept in a suitcase or confined for an extended period. The screen may get damaged while transporting the computer, removing, or inserting it into a bag. 

  • One of the device's vulnerable elements is the hinges from which the screen pivots. If you close and open the laptop quickly and forcefully, you risk breaking the hinge system, which might result in screen breakage.

How To Determine A Laptop Screen Damage?

Cracks And Line On The Display

You may see many cracks or issues with the construction of your computer or laptop display. This issue usually happens after a laptop is dropped. If that's the case, you should determine whether or not it is the primary issue you will face. 

Cracked Or Defective?

A broken laptop screen is physically damaged, but a faulty one may have other faults such as flashing or inactivity. 

A damaged screen might cause various issues. It may be obvious, with fractures or chips, but other signs, such as dark splotches, indicate the screen has split from its housing. 

The separation usually happens due to a significant impact, although it can happen if you open it incorrectly. 


Swelling Screen

Node is one of the most telling signs that you need to replace your display. It generally appears by some physical contact or even weather changes. 

Due to the drastic temperature shift, edema might develop if you've been traveling from really hot to shallow temperatures. 

Is It A Real Issue?

When it happens, it seems that the issue is with the screen, but there might be a more significant problem with the graphics card, other equipment, or even your program. Connecting your laptop to an external display is the best method to check this out. 

If everything appears to be in working order on an external device, the problem is most likely with your laptop's screen rather than the board or other components. 

Software Compatibility

It may be a software issue. There may be a lack of correlation if you recently finished installing a program and observed difficulties with your display soon after. 

You might try restoring your laptop from a recent backup taken before installing the new program to see if it fixes the problem. 

How To Repair Broken Laptop Screen?

It would be best if you attempted each of these solutions to repairing your damaged laptop screen. 

Stop if the laptop screen begins working or if there's enough progress to resume using the device. Back to the list and attempt the remaining fixes if it fails to function again.

Restart The Computer, Laptop

The screen not working might be due to an operating issue or another conflict resolved by restarting the device. Because continuing is so simple, it should be your first option. 

Close And Then Open

Check for debris on your screen and keyboard, then clean them thoroughly. Clean the latch system on your laptop if it has one.

Close it carefully, making sure it's shut, and then reopen it. You most likely have a faulty lid sensor if its screen goes on and off intermittently.

Connect To An External Monitor

Connect To External Monitor

If the screen is completely dark, consider connecting an external monitor. If it isn't working, it's possible that you didn't turn your laptop on or that it's asleep or in hibernation. Ensure it's plugged in and turned on.

Update Drivers

Try upgrading your video drivers if the screen is not entirely dark, but you can detect visual flaws on it. Your driver may be broken or glitchy.

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand how to update video drivers for Windows 10.

Source : Youtube Robert McMillen

Unstick Stuck Pixels

If you have one or more frozen pixels, use an app to unstick them. These programs often cycle between colors quickly or produce digital snow to compel a dead or stopped pixel to start operating again.

Fix Burn-In

If the screen appears to have ghosts of past images trapped on it, you may erase the burn-in with a white screen saver or other options. 

Check The Connection Between Screen And Backlight

Disconnect the bezel surrounding your screen, other case components, or hinge covers if you've disassembled laptops before to uncover the backlight cables and screen connectors. Ensure the wires are not crimped or damaged and that you place everything correctly. 

Replace Laptop Screen

If none of that works, you will most likely need to replace your screen. Large black or colorful bars, black spots, or colors that appear to flow are usually irreparable. If the screen gets broken, that is also a sign you need to replace it.


Now, you have the answer to this question ‘can a laptop screen break on its own.’ You should also remember these helpful tips to fix a broken laptop screen to avoid spending money. Thank you for reading!

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