Can A Laptop Have 2 Graphics Cards?

Can a laptop have 2 graphics cards? What are their benefits, and who should use them? Via this article, we will give you satisfactory answers.

Laptops are becoming one of the most popular technology devices today thanks to their portability and performance.

Graphics cards are an essential factor in determining the quality of a laptop. Therefore, customers often pay attention to this part when shopping.

Can a laptop have 2 graphics cards? Yes, you can find laptops that come with 2 built-in GPUs. The primary purpose is for graphic design, 3D, video and photo editing, or gaming.

What are the benefits of producing such laptops? Who is the right audience to use them? Let's find out the answer with TopReviews in this article.

A laptop’s graphics card

Can A Laptop Have 2 Graphics Cards?

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You can use a laptop with two graphics cards. Many laptops are integrated with two graphics cards to meet the increasing usage needs of consumers.

When you examine the processors in your laptop, you'll realize they contain an integrated graphics chipset. Usually, it will be an Intel HD graphics card.

This type of card has the main advantage of saving energy. It uses less than 10W and will keep the battery life long. The downside of Intel graphics cards is poor image processing. It only allows you to surf the web, work, or do light tasks.

With heavy-duty or gaming laptops, the addition of a powerful GPU is essential.

There are two famous graphics card vendors on the market today, AMD and Nvidia. Their GPUs are powerful enough to load 3D resources, edit videos, or play video games.

Along with an extensive power supply range, they enable you to choose graphics cards that are many times more powerful than Intel HD.

Laptops using two graphics cards can switch when needed flexibly. It helps your device not waste energy with daily activities.

Another plus of the dual graphic cards is the performance improvement over power management. Manufacturers will use specific techniques to decide which card to use for each particular task.

Some laptops even allow users to add their GPU if it is compatible with the motherboard.

Dual Graphics Cards: All Things You Should Know

Not every laptop on the market can hold two graphics cards. Typically you will only find this feature in high-end models. The manufacturer also prescribes certain conditions for such devices.

Requirements for dual graphics cards in a laptop


First, a laptop with dual graphics cards is the linking technology from AMD or Nvidia to create a single output. AMD calls that solution Crossfire, and Nvidia names it SLI. 

The requirement for each of these solutions is to be compatible with the motherboard. Motherboards also require graphics slots upon request.

These laptops also require a case and a power source large enough to accommodate and boot the hardware. The manufacturer will connect the GPUs with a bridge connector.

Last but not least, you must enable the Crossfire or SLI feature in the GPU control panel.


Are dual graphics cards worth it?

The dual graphics cards help you improve picture, video, game quality, etc.

If multiple GPUs render the same 3D image, the refresh rate will increase with better resolution and filters. As a result, they make the graphics in games much sharper and more realistic.

Integrated cards can only allow graphics at a resolution of 1080p. When using two graphics cards, you can upscale their quality to 4K, which is four times better than the standard.

Another benefit to using a GPU with SLI or Crossfire technology is upgrading your laptop without changing graphics cards.

They are powerful enough, so you don't have to follow the manufacturer's update trend when constantly innovating graphics cards.


With powerful features, the price for laptops using two graphics cards is not low.

In case you are looking for the ultimate quality GPU, its price can be close to that of a low-end laptop.

The next disadvantage lies in GPU-related applications, such as games or graphics software. Some software shows that they are not compatible with dual GPU sets. So, you can experience lag during use.

A graphics card is also an electronic device that consumes a lot of power. When run in parallel, they can use twice as much electricity. 

Who should use laptops with 2 graphics cards?

Dual-GPU laptops are suitable for hardcore gamers

Laptops with two graphics cards are usually high-end models. They mainly cater to hardcore gamers or professional designers. It helps to improve their user experience and increase their productivity.

Cryptocurrency miners are also suitable customers. GPUs tend to process crypto transactions faster and more efficiently than CPUs.

This laptop is not for those who just want to find a device suitable for work or simple entertainment. 

How Much Memory Is Enough For A Graphics Card?

Your GPU does a massive amount of calculations every second when rendering. They happen on the simplest of actions, including mouse movements.

For the GPU to do this, it needs the support of video RAM (vRAM).

With integrated graphics cards, it shares this memory with the CPU. The result is a percentage of the available memory that will be used to solve graphics tasks.

Dedicated graphics cards include dedicated memory to display details.

The higher the memory GPU, the more detail it will be able to process. However, this factor does not directly affect performance.

Casual users can be satisfied with the 2GB GPU. Professional gamers or creators should aim for as low as 4GB.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a 3D game with high-resolution graphics

Let's take the example of video games. The final amount of memory you need depends on the image resolution you desire.

Modern games with 3D graphics need at least 6GB of RAM to display images at 1080p. If you require 4K graphics quality, you must equip 8GB RAM.

Likewise, graphic designers or video editors with 4K quality need the same amount of memory to be productive.

Final Thoughts

Can a laptop have 2 graphics cards? It is entirely possible in some high-quality laptops. These specialized laptops allow users to experience sharper images and smoother motion.

Depending on your individual needs, you can make a decision. The smartest choice is the most suitable one. Some people swear on graphics cards. Some just shrug and shake their heads.

Hopefully, our article here can help you make a good choice.

Thank you for reading!

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