Can A Laptop Have 12GB Of RAM? Top-Rated Answer On The Internet

Can a laptop have 12GB of RAM? This article covers what tasks you can and cannot do with 12GB of RAM, a guide for upgrading the RAM to 12GB. Find out now!

8GB and 16GB RAM seems normal to most people, but why do few meet 12GB? Can a laptop have 12GB of RAM?

A laptop can be equipped with 12gb of RAM. The answer depends on what you use your laptop for. 12 GB of RAM is overkill for light web browsing, using Microsoft Word, and editing audio.

You can also use it for playing games and video editing in After Effects or Premiere Pro. You may realize that laptops have slowed down after many years.

This article of ours will tell you whether you can install RAM of 12GB in your system. You will then reach for instructions to upgrade your RAM.

The final part will tell you which capacity of RAM you should choose.

Now, let's get right into the details!

Can A Laptop Have 12GB Of RAM?

Your laptop can have 12 GB of RAM for Microsoft Office tasks, web browsing, etc.

It can also be enough for 2D media creation and other graphics software. Read on to know in detail what criteria affect the compatibility of 12GB RAM.

What Do You Use It For?

Can a laptop have 12GB of RAM, depending on what you use your device for? 12GB of RAM is more than enough if you use the device to surf the Internet, watch videos, and perform some simple tasks.

A 12GB-of-RAM laptop is good enough to multitask on some software. For example, Hyper-v, Paravirtualization Environment, or Virtualization.

This capacity can meet some AAA games. But, upgrading to 16GB will give you a performance boost and modify some select games.

A 12GB system will create a few obstacles for video editing and rendering. 16GB is the minimum for rendering 15–20 minutes of video or streaming a game, or doing video editing, while 32BG is ideal.

Programmers update and modify their software every day. In the future, 12GB may no longer be enough to run the latest software.

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How Many Channels Does The System Have?

A system described as having 12 GB of RAM could be a motherboard with 8 GB of RAM and its graphics chip with 4 GB of dedicated video RAM. If you want to upgrade your memory to 12GB, you need to consider the following issues.

The operation of 12GB RAM depends on the system. If you take 12GB of DDR3 and compare it to 12GB of DDR4, the DDR4 would outperform the DDR3 RAM.

Most motherboards these days have dual channels, for example, 2x4GB or 2x8GB. The question is how 12GB RAM is implemented while we don't have a 6GB RAM stick.

To get 12GB of RAM, you should have 2x4GB and 2x2GB. If you don't have the right sets, you will slow down your system. So a system with 2x4GB sticks will perform better than a system with 3x4GB sticks.

Please refer to your motherboard's manual to determine if your Motherboard allows you to deploy 12GB of memory in your system.

The Inel triple-channel system allows you to combine three sticks of 4GB to form 12GB. So if you currently have 8GB in your triple-channel table and are using it up, it's a good idea to go to 12GB.

In contrast, on dual- and quad-channel systems, you should always run 8GB or 16GB for uniform channel utilization.

You need to combine two chips of different sizes or have more than two chips to get 12GB.

For example, you may need three sticks of 4GB or a module of 8GB combined with a module of 4GB. While this shouldn't cause any problems, it can have cases where it gives the absolute best performance.

If your motherboard handles dual channels, it can get in the way if the chips don't match. However, few people will notice much difference.

How To Upgrade Your RAM To 12GB?

You'll typically go with the 12GB RAM configuration when you start with 4GB and want to buy an 8GB RAM stick without replacing existing memory modules. However, there are no 6GB-of-RAM modules.

The best option would be to pair one 4GB module with one 8GB module, but not every system supports you to do this.

To upgrade RAM to 12GB on a dual-channel system with this configuration, you need to keep a few tips in mind:

  • Both modules must run at a certain clock speed.

  • Both modules must have the same voltage rating. For example, if you use DDR3, both modules must have the same voltage rating of 1.5V. In contrast, DDR3L modules require a voltage rating of 1.35V.

  • Both modules are the same DDR3 or the same DDR4

  • They should interact at the same clock rate. For example, if you combine a 2400 module and a 1700 module, the Motherboard will run both RAMs at the lower Clock Speeds of both. 

Not all motherboards support the upgrade. Again, you need to check with your laptop manufacturer to determine how much memory you can expand and what exactly you will have to do to expand it.

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How Much RAM Should A Laptop Have?

The higher RAM capacity allows more applications to run concurrently, and your device can store more temporary data. Choosing RAM for a laptop depends on your purpose of use.

Source Youtube Tally Ho Tech

For A Children's Laptop

Children will need a laptop for accessing the Internet, watching movies, and using a processor. So, 2GB and 4GB are the considerable options that allow you to perform these operations.

Nowadays, 2 GB is the minimum capacity for a kid’s laptop to run the normal operation of office applications, including Word, Excel, and Internet access.

Meanwhile, 4 GB RAM is enough to use full HD graphics packs like CorelDraw or Photoshop, watch HD videos and play non-demanding games.

In some cases, the older children will want to launch more progRAMs or operate more multiple tasks. So it will help if you go for a more up-and-coming solution and a configuration equipped with at least 8 GB of RAM.

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For A Cheap Gaming Laptop

A cheap gaming laptop with 8GB can be enough for operating some AAA titles. It provides adequate performance while not overpricing the laptop.

Yet, you should pay attention to the memory performance paRAMeters. It would be nice if these were DDR4 modules with a minimum frequency of 2666 MHz.

Besides, updates and new games are increasingly demanding more and more RAM. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 needs 12GB of RAM.

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For An Efficient Gaming Laptop

A high-end gaming laptop will need a high-performance processor, a standalone graphics card, and more. Among them, the RAM contributes a crucial role.

The minimum choice for an efficient gaming device is configurations equipped with at least 16 GB of RAM, while 32GB is a better option.

And if you are interested in such laptops, dual-channel DDR4 memory kits of at least 2666 MHz will help.


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For A Business Laptop

Business laptops often come in compact designs because you mostly need them for work while you are on the go. But, it will need a large-capacity RAM to boost the system performance for high-demanding tasks.

The 32GB of RAM is a minimum choice that will let you live-stream, group-chat on Discord, process spreadsheets, and complex charts.

It will be best if you pick a laptop equipped with dual-channel memory. This configuration will ensure a comfortable operation of the system even while performing more complex tasks.

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For A Mobile Workstation

If you've got a bigger budget and you need more RAM, a laptop equipped with 128GB may please you. It helps you to 3D model and process other professional applications.

A mobile workstation can replace an efficient desktop computer. These models come with the most demanding applications such as movie rendering, photo editing, and 3D or CAD design. 

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure adequate performance, including in terms of available RAM. You need to have at least 16 GB of RAM in mobile workstations, but 32 GB or even 128 GB is better for specialized utilities. 

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The Bottom Line

The memory of RAM plays an important role in operating a laptop. It will decide what tasks you can perform with your device. So, can a laptop have 12GB of RAM?

Yes, it can. A RAM of 12GB allows you to surf the Internet, watch videos, and perform some simple tasks. It can be enough with some AAA games, but not enough for you to render 4K videos.

However, many other factors are necessary for the operation of the device. Some other functions you need to consider include mode, memory type, and frequency of the RAM.

You can find this information with instructions on TopReviews. Besides, in any case, it is always free to contact the manufacturer.

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