Can A Laptop Break A Charger? Common Reasons & Right Methods To Fix

Can a laptop break a charger? We will help you answer this question and related issues fully in the detailed article below. Check it out for details!

Can a laptop break a charger? Your laptop charger can fail at any time. In particular, if you use it too much or improperly, the damage will happen faster.

However, this problem is still fixable. You need to have a basic understanding of the device you are using, and you will always be able to control any mistakes.

This article will share with you in detail the causes and repair tips when the charger does not work. Let's find out together.

Can A Laptop Break A Charger?

Can A Laptop Break A Charger?

From time to time, you have a situation where the laptop does not enter the battery. Although you have tried to find out the cause and repair the power supply, it is still helpless. This sign may be that your charger has been damaged.

Damage to an item is quite normal. So, you don't need to be too sad when this situation happens. Instead, find out why this problem occurs. From there, you can have a reasonable solution, either repair or buy new.

Some Reasons For The Broken Charger

A non-working charging cord has many reasons. It can come from inside the charging cord or be caused by an external agent. You may not be able to restore regular operation without identifying the factor causing the abnormality.

Battery problem

Battery problem

Like the batteries of other tech devices, laptop batteries don't last forever. Although you have used it very carefully, applying different rules will no longer work well at a certain point.

When the battery has a problem, your laptop often needs to be charged, or the charging time takes a long time.

If this situation lasts continuously, the charger will be affected a lot. It gradually heats up. The microchips steadily melted.

At first, it will still endure. However, over time the structures are no longer stable enough to continue working.

Thus, one fine day, your charger shows no sign of anything. The light may be on, but the battery will not enter or no longer light up. At this point, it must have been damaged.

Power cord error

Power cord error

In the process of moving the laptop, you are to carry a charging cord. For ease of carrying and storage, you will usually wrap it one way or another. Initially, the wire was only slightly deformed.

However, repeated many times, the internal structure of the charger changes, which leads to the battery supply weakening and eventually stopping working.

Usage habits

Usage habits


Besides machine error, human impact is always the most influential factor.

The long or low life of an item is primarily due to the way we use it. Suddenly, the charging cord does not work one day; it is most likely your fault.

Before using, you should read the instructions for use and follow the teachings of the manufacturer. Many of you often plug in the charger 24/24; this habit harms your laptop.

With today's modern laptops, continuous charging doesn't have much of an effect. However, that doesn't mean the charging cord will be okay. So when you don't need it, unplug it from the electrical outlet.

How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger

How to fix a broken laptop charger

You can quickly do simple tests if you need a folding calculator, but the charging cord won't come on. These checks will help you identify the problem.

Check the power cord

It may sound crazy, but it's necessary. When we are absent-minded or overly anxious, we often overlook small details. Therefore, once again, check the joints.

You start the test from the AC adapter, the adapter to the laptop port. Make sure everything is in tightly; you should unplug it and plug it back in. In many cases, the joints are very attached to each other but still cannot transmit electricity.

Next, you check the wiring. It would help if you made sure that there were no broken joints or abnormally tangled wires.

When everything is inevitable, but the laptop does not accept the battery, the power source is the next place you should be concerned about. You perform basic checks on the circuits you are using to make sure they are good.

Check the correct charging port

After checking for a while, you can't find the fault in the power cord. Now try to find out about the charging port. Some modern machines have several equally sized sitting ports. 

If you do not pay attention, you will plug in the wrong one. If you do not check carefully, you will never know why the laptop does not enter the battery.

However, this check is just in case. Because not too many people will make this silly mistake. When the charger is into the correct port, but the battery is still not in, you will have to take more in-depth steps.

Check the battery

If your laptop has a removable battery, you can follow these steps to find the battery failure:

  • Step 1: Open the screw to take out the battery

  • Step 2: Hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds

  • Step 3: Plug in the charger

  • Step 4: Turn on the power

If you follow the instructions above and the laptop works, then the laptop battery is damaged.

However, if you use this method and the device still does not power on, your charging cord has another error. It would help if you did more follow-up tests. 

Let the charging cord cool

When the power cord does not work or has to work for a long time, it will get hot. Excessive temperature can cause the charger to lose its ability to transmit electricity temporarily.

To remedy this situation, leave the device alone until it has cooled down completely.

After a period of rest, you plug the charger into the laptop to test again. This time, the power supply works typically, no problem. However, if the electricity is still not coming in, you have to find another solution.

If you have a job that needs urgent handling, but you still have not fixed the charger's error, please apply the method of charging your laptop without a charger:

Source Youtube SolutionTeacher

Technician's help

You have gone through many checks but can't fix them. At this point, it is better to seek the help of professionals. The mechanics will quickly return the charger to regular operation.

However, sometimes they can't fix it either. Therefore, the last resort you can use is to buy a new laptop charging cord.

How To Increase The Life Of The Charger

How To Increase The Life Of The Charger

Damage is inevitable. However, you can slow down the laptop charger from working through some of the following habits:

Do not wrap the power cord too tightly

As mentioned, wrapping the wire too tightly will significantly affect the life of the charging cord. It will deform and result in not being able to maintain the regular operation. So, while storing, you should not loop the rope too tightly.

In addition, you should regularly change the direction of the wire winding so as not to cause deformation.

To know how to do it correctly, check out the video below for more details:

Source Youtube HelpDesk Crandall

Make breathing room for the transformer

The transformer will get hot during charging, especially if you keep it plugged into the mains for too long. Therefore, you should keep it in an excellent location, not too hot, so that it has a chance to dissipate heat.

Limit contact with iron edges

Power cords that are in contact with sharp edges such as table edges for a long time will lead to the wear of protective rubber tires. As such, your charging cord will be easily broken or opened. 

Not only does this damage it, but it can also be dangerous for the user. So, wherever you use your laptop, make sure you don't let the power cord rub against sharp places.

Avoid contact with water

Water and electricity cannot come into contact with each other. It can cause major life-related disasters. So, do not let water pour into the charging cord. 

If you are charging and accidentally spilled water, you must immediately unplug the charger. Then hang or dry thoroughly. Before using it again, you must make sure that the charging cord is free from any moisture.

Use spare wires

Using a charging cord for too long can affect its longevity. Therefore, you need to prepare a few spare sets. You use it instead of the main charger to limit overload.

Above all, this preparation is also essential when your charging cord is accidentally damaged. At this point, your work will not be interrupted just because a charging cable is not working. 


Can a laptop break a charger? The damage is inevitable. However, you can manage anything. We hope the above information will help you to use your charger properly to prolong its life longer. 

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