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Best Dell Laptop For Students In 2022 [TopReviews]

Nowadays, laptops have become one of the indispensable items for students. It plays an essential role not only for learning purposes but also in handling other tasks. One of the laptop brands for students to mention is Dell.

With reasonable prices and various features, here are the top 6 best Dell laptops for students that are very popular with users.

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The Best Dell Laptop For Students (In-Depth Reviews)

Without letting you wait too long, here are our most honest reviews of each laptop after a period of use and experience:

#1. Dell Inspiron 13 5310 - Best for Battery Life

Inspiron 13 5310

Today's Best Deals

Important Specifications

  • Color: Silver

  • Hard Disk Size: 512 GB

  • Item Dimensions: 8.27 x 11.68 x 0.68 inches

  • Item Weight: 2.78 lbs

Product's highlights

With powerful performance and 11th-generation processors, the first laptop we would like to introduce to you is the Dell Inspiron 13 - one of the laptops capable of solving the computing needs of students at school.

As mentioned earlier, it has compelling performance that should provide users with rapid and responsive responses. With 16GB of DDR4 memory and 512GB of storage, this laptop makes it easy to switch between built-in applications.

Not only that, thanks to the integrated NVIDIA GeForce MX450 graphics card, this laptop is capable of maximum acceleration for work and entertainment while enhancing productivity for your photo editing or gaming needs.

In particular, the machine has an optimal heat dissipation design with dual fans and heat pipes for the most efficient and uniform cooling.

Besides, Dell Inspiron 13 also has a hinge design that improves air circulation underneath the laptop. Thanks to that, your laptop is always guaranteed to stay fantastic no matter the situation.

Not only that, this laptop has a very meticulous and thoughtful design. This Inspiron 13 laptop has a sturdy lightweight aluminum body design with a unique sound blocking feature.

Besides that, it also has a stunning and full-size edge-to-edge keyboard with 9% larger keys for a more comfortable and convenient typing experience.

Finally, it would be remiss not to mention the device's battery life. Battery life of up to 11 hours helps you comfortably use and enjoy. Not only that but the device's charging time is also very fast, thanks to ExpressCharge.

What We Like

  • Vibrant photo color with little blue light

  • Fast charging

  • The optimum heat dissipation system

  • Powerful performance

  • High-speed data transmission

Things to Consider

  • Some customers have some problems with the touchpad

#2. Latest Dell Inspiron 3510 - Best for Budget

Inspiron 3510

Today's Best Deals

Important Specifications

  • CPU Speed: 1.1 GHz

  • Computer Memory Size: 16 GB

  • Item Dimensions: 14.33 x 9.8 x 0.78 inches

  • Operating System: Windows 10

Product's highlights

With a highly reasonable price and convenience to use, Latest Dell 3501 is a laptop chosen by many students in their learning process.

The most notable thing about this laptop is the enormous capacity of high-speed RAM. Thanks to 16GB high-bandwidth RAM and a 1TB hard drive, this laptop is convenient for running many applications or even having multiple browser tabs open and still smooth.

Besides, it also provides fast booting and data transfer. Thanks to that, you don't have to worry because you have to wait for hours to finish downloading an application.

Not only that but a touch screen that supports anti-glare LED backlighting and helps protect your eyes. Thanks to this feature, your eyes are not affected even for many hours.

Besides, the machine's Windows 10 Home operating system is also worth mentioning. Thanks to this operating system, the laptop is always guaranteed to provide full security features and built-in applications such as Microsoft Edge, mail, calendar, photos to keep your device safe and efficient.

This laptop will give you the perfect experience with sharp images and unique, excellent sound quality with a simple, solid design and a stereo sound system.

What We Like

  • Reasonable price

  • Easy to use

  • Simple, solid design

  • Large RAM

  • Stereo system

Things to Consider

  • We have not received any negative reviews for this product yet.

#3. Dell Inspiron 15 5510 - Best for Quiet Operation

Inspiron 15 5510

Today's Best Deals

Important Specifications

  • Color: Silver

  • Computer Memory Size: 8 GB

  • Item Dimensions: 9.01 x 14.02 x 0.71 inches

  • Item Weight: 3.60 lbs

Product's highlights

With its striking platinum-silver design, the Dell Inspiron 15 gives you a classic yet timeless style that's still very sophisticated and creates an eye-catching contrast. The screen's narrow border provides a broader, more balanced screen-to-body ratio with an enjoyable viewing experience.

Besides, one of the unique points of this laptop is that the manufacturer uses a tray that covers the entire Inspiron laptop with 100% recycled paper, which is a plus point to help you indirectly protect its environment.

Moreover, it would be remiss if we did not mention the built-in Alexa application on the device when it comes to convenience. It makes it possible to set reminders, create to-do lists, track calendars or appointments, and more extraordinarily accurate and fast.

Not only that, the machine is with an i5 processor and a Thunderbolt 4 port connected via USB Type-C with Power Delivery and DisplayPort support for convenience and versatility.

Thanks to that, it's perfect because you can charge your laptop or link to a smart device to provide a display signal for the screen with just one port.

Finally, it integrates modern, advanced algorithms and accelerometers; it also ensures that your device can adjust power and heat profiles to suit the situation intelligently.

What We Like

  • Unique, intelligent lid sensor

  • Smooth launch

  • Sharp image

  • Perfect heating system

  • Powerful graphics

Things to Consider

  • Backlit keyboard malfunction

#4. Newest Dell Inspiron 15 - Best for Screen Quality

Newest Dell Inspiron 15

Today's Best Deals

Important Specifications

  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB

  • Color: Black

  • Item Dimensions: 14.33 x 9.8 x 0.78 inches

  • Item Weight: 4.04 pounds

Product's highlights

Newest Dell Inspiron 15 is a product you cannot miss if you are looking for a laptop with a touch screen Dell brand at a student price.

A clear Full HD screen with thin bezels on both sides brings balance and elegance to the image and maximizes the large area.

Not only that, but Newest Dell also has a full-size keyboard with standard vital sizes to serve all purposes and any discipline. More remarkable about this laptop is the 3-cell Lithium-Ion battery technology that provides about 5 hours of use. 

In fact, this battery level is only enough if you only use it with a lesson of fewer than 5 hours, and it won't be easy if you use the machine to learn all day without charging.

However, a good solution for you is this laptop with an ExpressCharge design that helps you quickly assess up to 80% of battery capacity in less than 1 hour.

Not only that, but this laptop also provides excellent picture quality along with perfect sound through MaxxAudio Pro. As a result, you can enjoy your movie showtime, discussion session, or online study with optimal and quality sound.

In addition, it would be remiss not to mention the machine's storage space. With 16GB of bandwidth, you can load your essential apps or demanding study materials with peace of mind.

Besides, this laptop also ensures you will have a very smooth time using the device, with no lag even if you are using multiple tabs or running the browser.

What We Like

  • High quality, sharp images

  • Large capacity memory

  • Smooth launch, no lag

  • Perfect sound

  • Support fast charging in 60 minutes

Things to Consider

  • Pretty classic design

#5. Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop - Best for Sound Quality

Inspiron 15 Touchscreen

Today's Best Deals

Important Specifications

  • Color: Black

  • Hard Disk Size: 512 GB

  • Item Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 3 inches

  • Item Weight: 3.73 lbs

Product's highlights

Dell Inspiron 15 with the perfect 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor provides users with an ultra-low voltage platform for maximum power savings during your use. Besides, the laptop has four cores, so it has a high and mighty performance level.

This laptop especially has an advanced touch screen with high resolution. Thanks to that, you can use it and enjoy super sharp, impressive image colors. The screen has integrated LED lights, so it is effectively anti-glare. 

Thanks to that, you don't have to worry about constantly looking at the computer if you need to study online all day. Besides, thanks to this feature, it is a big plus, saving more energy for the machine.

Plus, the large bandwidth RAM provides convenience to launch your apps and games or study materials in no time. Besides, the machine's 512GB SSD also offers maximum file storage and more data diversity.

Not only that, this laptop with a full 10-digit keyboard and integrated backlight helps you comfortably use the machine accurately even in low light conditions.

In addition, similar to the Dell laptop we mentioned earlier, the Inspiron 15 touch screen laptop also offers impeccable sound quality through MaxxAudio Pro.

As a result, you can enjoy your movie show, discussion, or online study with optimal and quality sound.

In the end, it would be remiss to ignore the device's connectivity to multiple sources. Thanks to its multi-port design, it's easy to connect it to any smart device.


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What We Like

  • Anti-glare touch screen

  • Energy saving

  • Powerful performance

  • Fast file and data saving

  • Good picture

Things to Consider

  • Power button not lit

#6. Dell Inspiron 17 - Best for Convenience

Dell Inspiron 17

Today's Best Deals

Important Specifications

  • Hard Disk Size: 2 TB

  • CPU Speed: 2.80 GHz

  • Item Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 2 inches

  • Computer Memory Size: 32.0 GB

Product's highlights

Dell Inspiron 17 is the final product we want to cover in this article. With the 11th generation i7 processor, this machine has been completely upgraded by the manufacturer to multitask better with more storage capacity.

Especially with a relatively thin and light design with a trendy and luxurious silver color, it would be a pity if you missed out on this versatile product.

Dell Inspiron 17 notebooks feature a narrow bezel IPS display with Truelife touch so you can keep track of whatever you love with detailed clarity and true-to-life colors.

Even more convenient, the laptop has a fingerprint reader to help you simplify your opening time without using the keyboard. Especially if you are concerned about privacy in your process, a Webcam with a privacy shutter is probably a perfect solution for you.

The device has Wifi 6 connection, so it also ensures the fastest connection time. So you won't have to worry about waiting for hours to finish downloading an application.

Finally, with its square design and convenient touch screen, you can even fold it 180 degrees and use it as an intelligent tablet whenever you want.

In addition, because the device has a backlight on the keyboard, it is easy to use it even in low light conditions. It's so convenient!

What We Like

  • Slim design, trendy silver color

  • Usability as a tablet

  • Security Webcam

  • Backlit keyboard

  • Quick connection

Things to Consider

  • Short warranty


Here are some questions about student laptops that we often receive from users. Check it out for more information:

Which Dell laptop is best for students?

With a battery life of more than 11 hours, the Dell Inspiron 13 laptop we mentioned earlier is a perfect choice for you.

Which series of Dell laptops is best?

Some laptops that you can refer to and own today:

  • Dell Inspiron 13"

  • Dell XPS 15.

  • Dell Inspiron 15 3000

  • Dell Inspiron 17"

Is a Dell laptop good for students?

Dell is a good brand for students with durable construction and excellent design in terms of features and price. In addition, you can refer to products related to HP or Lenovo brands.

How old is a Dell Inspiron 15?

Dell Inspiron 15 was first released by the manufacturer in 2015 with a convenient 2-in-2 touch screen and a processor that delivers powerful performance.

Is a 15.6-inch laptop too big for a student?

Of course, 15.6 inches is a perfect size for students. However, you can choose from a few products with a smaller size, about 13 inches.

Final Words

Before ending, I hope you have chosen for yourself a suitable laptop to serve your learning and entertainment process best. Besides, you can add more information to yourself through the questions we just mentioned earlier.

Finally, if you have any questions, please leave a comment, and TopReviews will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!