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Best Asus Laptop For Gaming That You Must Have For 2022

Nowadays, there are many options with the best Asus laptop for gaming. The followers of this brand can easily choose a powerful gaming laptop model that suits their needs and budget.

By answering a few essential questions, you can simplify the problem. Are you searching for a low-cost or high-end model? Will you use your laptop at home, or will you frequently bring it with you? Do you like small or large models?

You can consider the list created by Top Reviews if you seek the best Asus laptop for gaming. We have put up a list of budget-friendly solutions to help you with your shopping. Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

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In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Asus Laptop For Gaming

The latest Asus laptop releases are taking portable gaming to the next level. For example, the extremely thin and light ROG Zephyrus series or ASUS TUF can provide you with a great yet affordable alternative.

#1. Zephyrus G14 - Best For High-Quality Cooling System

1. ROG G14

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Important Specifications

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS.

  • Hard drive size: 1TB.

  • Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Operating system: ‎Windows 10.

Product's highlights

According to us, the Zephyrus G14 is the most intriguing gaming laptop this year. It's compatible with an 8-core Ryzen 9 4900HS processor and a GeForce 2060 graphics card.

Some factors affected our rating. To begin with, AMD CPUs have made a strong showing in the gaming mobile PC industry.

Second, the Zephyrus G14 sports a high-quality cooling system for such a little laptop. The experts could create a gadget that does not overheat or produce noise.

We've already looked at laptops featuring GeForce RTX 3060 graphics, such as the GIGABYTE AORUS 15G KC, which clocked in at 105W. In principle, this means the Zephyrus G14 test unit will be slower in games and business apps.

The Zephyrus G14 has a WQHD-matrix. In most circumstances, the laptop's performance is sufficient to play recent games at this resolution comfortably.

It comes with two power supplies simultaneously, which is unusual. The gadget uses USB 3.0 technology in the field, using a small 100W power supply.

This laptop has a very nice display, according to our testing. Professional photographers and those who deal with graphics and video may not like it, but the screen is great for gaming and watching movies.

What We Like

  • Opening hours 

  • Excellent performance 

  • Slim and lightweight

  • Games that are difficult to play are playable

  • I/O choices that are good

  • Low-glare, high-quality display

  • The G14 chassis is slim, light, and compact

  • Good battery life and a comfortable keyboard

Things to Consider

  • No webcam

  • Loud fans

#2. ROG Strix G17 - Best For Speed-Up Gameplay

2. ROG Strix G17

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Important Specifications

  • Processor: AMD Octa-Core Ryzen 7 4800H.

  • Hard drive size: 512 GB.

  • Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Operating system: ‎Windows 10.

Product's highlights

This new ROG Strix G17 features extended LED lighting. The backlighting makes your device the center of attention with friends or in your normal home environment.

Besides, ROG Strix G17 comes with a membrane-type keyboard with a block of numeric keys. The developers emphasize that they designed the keyboard for fans of 3D games, taking into account their requirements and features.

By adaptation for gamers, ASUS primarily means the exclusive ROG Overstroke technology. It helps to accelerate the early actuation of clicks, which allows the player to react faster to changes in the gameplay.

At the same time, the keyboard implements the technology of independent processing of keystrokes. When processing each key contact with the sensor separately from the others, it can exclude incorrect operations.

Actuations are practically silent, with no clicks or characteristic "clicks.” The keys are full-sized, comfortable to type, and large enough to keep your hands from hanging from the laptop.

Even with intensive work and a serious load on the processor and video card, the case at hand becomes barely warm, with no discomfort.

For gamers' convenience on the keyboard, the designers have isolated the group of arrow keys. The increase of the size of the spacebar and highlighted game keys WASD also for that purpose.

Among the shortcomings of the ROG Strix G17, we can note the lack of a card reader and a webcam. And if the first drawback is not critical, a video camera for e-sportsmen and streamers is an absolute must.

The bottom line is ROG Strix G17 is a stylish and comfortable gaming model with a high level of performance. It provides you with a high-quality display and beautiful backlighting that can satisfy the most discerning users.

What We Like

  • Works on all full HD games easy 

  • Very bright screen

  • Powerful CPU

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 supported ray tracing and DLSS

  • Big trackpad

  • Well-made with a lovely pattern

  • A good selection of ports is available

  • The cooling system is excellent

  • The battery life is adequate

  • Value for the money

Things to Consider

  • Average battery life

  • Graphics card has a limited memory capacity

  • No webcam.

  • No card reader included.

#3. TUF Gaming F15 - Best For Affordable Budget

3. TUF Gaming F15

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Important Specifications

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-11800H.

  • Hard drive size: 1TB.

  • Maximum resolution: ‎‎1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Operating system: ‎Windows 10 Home.

Product's highlights

TUF series is well-grounded in affordable and productive laptops. This device is great but still affordable for budget gamers. 

TUF Dash F15 is back at affordable prices without sacrificing performance. The new laptop features Intel Tiger Lake processors, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 mobile graphics cards behind a 240Hz 1080p screen. 

The key is that you don't have to pay a fortune for it, and the laptop remains light, thin, and reliable with military-grade certification. It is one of the best ASUS laptops for those not ready to spend a ton of money.

The novelty became the first laptop of this line with a focus on mobility and compactness. And it also adopted a distinctive feature from the older line with no built-in webcam.

It uses a low-profile island-style keyboard. The buttons are white and have pleasant responses. The pressing force is well chosen to avoid accidental pressing and minimize fatigue when playing.

The device features an IPS level matrix with wide viewing angles, a refresh rate of up to 240Hz, and a 3ms response time.

The claimed color space is 100% sRGB. There are also options for displays with a similar resolution but refresh rates of 60 or 120 Hz.

With the help of a colorimeter, we measured the brightness of the backlight and tested the quality of the factory color calibration. The brightness is not prohibitive, but it is enough for everyday use.

The display's anti-reflective coating allows you to play even with bright light sources. The contrast turned out to be good.

The main control of game models comes into a separate program, Armory Crate. Here the user can control the operating mode of the laptop, the degree of system utilization, and temperature indicators. 

It also provides for switching performance modes, and a choice of load balancing algorithm between the integrated and discrete video cards is available. This feature is the iGPU, and you can manually control it or set it to automatic.

The ROG Zephyrus line has already proven a successful concept for a mobile laptop with gaming capabilities, and the demand for affordable models of this kind was clear. Using the existing chassis made it possible to reduce the cost, although compromises had to be acceptable in body materials.

What We Like

  • Extremely thin and light laptop

  • Excellent gaming performance

  • Battery life is relatively decent

  • Quiet cooling fans

  • Good heat management and a smooth 240Hz screen

  • The battery life is sufficient for a full playday

  • USB-C charging is available as an option

  • There are several ports available

Things to Consider

  • No webcam

  • The keyboard backlight color does not change

#4. TUF Gaming A15 - Best For Upgrading Configuration

4. TUF Gaming A15

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Important Specifications

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H.

  • Hard drive size: 512GB.

  • Maximum resolution: ‎‎1920 x 1080 Pixels.

  • Operating system: ‎‎Windows 11 Home.

Product's highlights

ASUS stands out in its class not by the price but by the quality. TUF A15 is one of the cases of an upgradeable laptop nowadays.

It supports Wi-Fi 5 as standard, which is a forward-thinking feature. Asus has also increased the laptop's battery life by using a 90Wh battery.

With this upgrade, you now get some intriguing choices on the front of the display. And the model we're looking at sports a 144Hz 1080p display with an 85% sRGB color gamut coverage.

It's bright, speedy, and perfect for gaming. Currently, the RTX 2060 can barely manage 144 frames per second in current single-player games. In esports games like Vaolrant and CS: GO, though, you'll almost certainly hit that fps.

We put the TUF gaming A15 through its paces in titles like Metro Exodus, Horizon Zero Dawn, and 3DMark Port Royal. It's not the quickest, quietest, or most attractive laptop, but it delivers adequate 1080p performance.

It can almost handle every game you throw at it, and that's on the highest settings, where everything looks amazing. Because this is an Nvidia RTX GPU, you'll be able to use ray tracing and DLSS, which aren't simply options in this generation.

With RTX and DLSS enabled, Metro Exodus runs at 57 frames per second, with a minimum of 32 frames per second. When you compare it to 65 frames per second at Ultra, you'll find that ray tracing isn't as costly as it formerly was.

Take a look at the CPU-centric scores, and you'll immediately realize why AMD has been able to gain so much ground on Intel in laptops. The results of Cinebench R20 multi-core 3D rendering and X264 video encoding are so far ahead of Intel that they are almost perplexing.

This device is about twice as fast as the Asus TUF Gaming Dash 15 in video encoding and is significantly quicker than the Gigabyte Aorus 15G with other features. However, this level of performance comes at a cost: the system is loud and hot.

We have still positioned the TUF A15 series as the ideal way to spend money with maximum benefit for you. There are no complaints about the stuffing: the latest AMD processors paired with NVIDIA graphics deliver high game frame rates. 

What We Like

  • Convenient, practical, and versatile

  • A lot of power

  • 144Hz refresh rate

  • The keyboard is quiet and comfy 

  • The battery life is better than typical

  • Possibility to upgrade

Things to Consider

  • The display is uninteresting

  • Design is unappealing and heavy

  • Hot and loud system

#5. Zenbook 13 UX325EA - Best For Compact Design

5. Zenbook 13 UX325EA

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Important Specifications

  • Processor: Core i5-1135G7

  • Hard drive size: 1152GB.

  • Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  • Operating system: ‎Windows 10 Home.

Product's highlights

These laptops are small and lightweight, but they are durable and function well in business and gaming. 

The IPS display of the ZenBook 13 isn't the brightest. On the sRGB scale, the claimed color gamut is nearly 100 percent in terms of values. 

Color reproduction is as serene and realistic as possible. You can have the option to choose your preferred color temperature via the MyASUS app. 

The display in the test sample has a minimal power consumption of 1 W. This fact should have a favorable influence on autonomy in principle.

The new keyboard design stretches the whole length of the ZenBook 13 to give the letter keys more room and make them bigger. We loved utilizing the rightmost vertical row of keys to swiftly go left and right along the line and up and down the page. 

The three-level backlight has not gone away; the stroke of the keys themselves has stayed silent, but its depth has risen. It is nice to type on the keyboard.

Besides, the Intel Core i7 processor's 11th generation delivers assured results in gaming apps, a browser, and low-demanding programs. 

Combining such a CPU, 8 GB of fast RAM, and integrated Intel Iris graphics is sufficient for recreational gaming sessions in basic puzzles. You can also target classic "shooters" if you are ready for games on such a diagonal.  

As a result, Handbrake converted a 90-second 4K film to Full HD in just three minutes. It is preferable to buy a model with a more sophisticated video card for high-demand apps and more contemporary games. 

Several products, including HP ProBook 450 G8, Lenovo ThinkBook 13S, and ThinkPad L13, might be rivals in the same price bracket. While having identical attributes, these versions employ a CPU with a higher beginning and maximum frequency.

In short, the ZenBook 13 is a compact and lightweight device. The display occupies 88% of the body area and weighs only ‎2.45 pounds. 

With a thickness of fewer than 0.6 inches, the manufacturer provides the necessary interfaces on the case, taking care of the model's practicality. Of course, the weight and size indicators are still slightly higher, but the price should also be more affordable.

What We Like

  • Impressive design

  • Smooth finish

  • Very thin bezels

  • Dual speakers

  • Advanced infrared WebCam

  • Independent functions with extra hotkeys

  • The touchpad is sufficiently larger

  • Delivers heavy games access

  • 22 hours of battery backup

Things to Consider

  • Lacks specialized graphics

  • No 3.5mm headphone jack

  • Miss an Ethernet cable

#6. ZenBook Pro Duo - Best For Dual Screen

6. ZenBook Pro Duo

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Important Specifications

  • Processor: ‎Intel Core i7-10750H.

  • Hard drive size: 1 TB.

  • Maximum resolution: ‎3840 x2 160 Pixels.

  • Operating system: ‎Windows 10 Pro.

Product's highlights

The total result of processor tests is excellent. The performance of the ZenBook Pro Duo corresponds to 75% of that of a powerful desktop system.

Compared to the top-end MSI P65 Creator 1084, it is only 15% faster. You can safely use such a laptop for any professional task.

The developers installed the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 as a discrete video card. Although the mobile version of this accelerator is inferior to the desktop one in terms of GPU frequency, the number of functional blocks is not reduced. 

However, testing under load has already shown accelerated versions of the video card in the ZenBook Pro Duo. Its boost frequency was approximately 1300-1350 MHz, while consumption remained at the nominal level of 80 W.

In principle, such a video card should not run modern games in maximum quality in 4K resolution. Rather, it should be intended for 1920 × 1080 and 2560 × 1440. 

We planned to test at all these resolutions with a set of games with three different graphics quality options, but life has made adjustments. The fact is that the laptop's main screen does not support 2560 x 1440. 

There is a sad thing: the recommended price for the minimum configuration of the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is not cheap. On the other hand, laptops with top-end components are never cheap. 

For example, the new Dell XPS 15 7590 has a similar configuration that also comes with a 4K OLED screen, only with a GeForce GTX 1650 instead of a GeForce RTX 2060, and costs over 1,500$. But it has a boring classic work surface, certainly without a second screen. 

Let's focus on what the ZenBook Pro Duo has to offer you. The most interesting benefit here is the additional ScreenPad Plus screen. 

ScreenPad Plus is an extension of the main screen, which is larger by almost one and a half times. Its horizontal layout and touch surface open up interesting new scenarios for interacting with a laptop. 

The idea is rich, and relevant applications are visible immediately. Everything is already working, and there is no need to wait for some widespread introduction of the technology. ​In our opinion, it is very interesting

Let's see what games we can play on this device:

Youtube source: Jarrod'sTech

What We Like

  • Stylish design 

  • High-quality construction 

  • There are two stunning 4K touch OLED panels

  • The Intel Core i9 processor has eight cores

  • Overall and gameplay performance are excellent

  • Easy-to-use dual-screen functionality

  • Keeps calm when gaming

Things to Consider

  • Heavy and chunky

  • Limited battery life

  • Audio quality is poor

  • Without the wrist rest, typing on the keyboard is awkward.

  • There is no SD card slot.


Below, we will answer some of the questions that you may be interested in:

Is It Possible To Play Games On An Asus Laptop?

Yes, Asus laptops are excellent gaming machines. Several outstanding gaming laptops are on the market, such as ROG G14 and TUF Gaming F15.

Is Asus Superior To Acer?

Both of these brands are trustworthy. Although many people favor Asus, Acer offers comparable warranties and technical support services. 

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Ram Required For Gaming?

For fast, high-performance gaming, most games demand 16GB of RAM. With this much RAM on your laptops, you'll be able to switch up what games you play and prevent latency and stuttering. 

Is The Tuf A15 Prone To Overheating?

It does heat problems. It's because of Inadequate heat pipes, teeny-tiny vents, and so on.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of An Asus Gaming Laptop?

A good mid-range gaming laptop will last 3 to 4 years. It might last 4-6 years for high-end versions. 

You may anticipate it to last up to ten years in its physical components. However, your gaming laptop is unlikely to be able to keep up with all of the software upgrades by that time.


Asus has a long history of producing high-quality gaming accessories and computers. The models of this company are among the best on the market. 

Finding the ideal Asus gaming laptop isn't impossible, but it's certainly not simple. There is a lot of great equipment out there that delivers outstanding results.

Our best Asus laptop for gaming include:

We hope you find the model that best suits your budget and needs soon. 

Thank you for reading!