Are Universal Chargers Bad For Laptops? Some Facts You Should Know

Are universal chargers bad for laptops? We will give you full answers and answers to related questions in the detailed article below.

The laptop is a product that many people prefer to use because of its convenience. This device has the same functions as a regular desktop computer. 

In addition to the standard laptop charger, there are now universal chargers on the market. This product can be for all different types of laptops; you just need to change the connector.

Many people worry that using this type of charger will harm the device. Are universal chargers bad for laptops?

The answer is No. Universal chargers have a stable power supply. They are not too high and not too low, so using them is safe for today's models. 

Just make sure you use a suitable charger for your laptop. You should check many factors such as amperage, output voltage, and wattage of the charger. 

Let's find out the benefits of universal chargers for laptops in the article!

The Universal Charge

Indeed, everyone has known or heard through the power bank of the phone. You can use this device to power any device with just one outlet. So what's the difference between universal chargers for phones and power banks for laptops?

With these two devices, you can connect to all models available on the market. But each laptop model has a different plug depending on the design company. So, the universal charger comes with additional jacks to match each type of laptop.

If you are out or traveling and only want to carry a single charger, the universal charger is a perfect choice.

Are Universal Chargers Bad For Laptops?

Are Universal Chargers Bad For Laptops

Many people worry that using universal chargers is not suitable for laptops.

The universal chargers do not harm your laptop. Each universal charger comes with 1-2 different jacks to match different types of devices.

You can choose by yourself a suitable jack for the manufacturer that you are using. In addition, the capacity and voltage of the universal charger are stable. They are not too high and not too low, so their use is safe for today's models.

Laptop retailers also prefer to use universal chargers. If you bring your laptop in for repair, you may find that the repair party will use this charger to activate the power and repair the machine for you.

Benefits Of Universal Chargers

Here are the benefits universal chargers can give you:

Flexibility and convenience

If someone wants to use the charger, but your model and that person are different, you cannot give them a regular laptop charger cord. Instead, you can provide them universal chargers to ensure the safety of the device.

When you travel or go on a business trip and only want to bring a single charger, take advantage of the universal charger to save space in your suitcase.

Your colleagues can also use it together without worrying about affecting the quality of the machine.

Not only that, the charging cords always come with stickers, and you can wind them up in multiple loops.

This type of cord is usually quite long, so that it may be a bit inconvenient for you. So, take advantage of the sticker to make the universal charger neater.

There are many different chargers

There are many different chargers

Each laptop brand will often design a different charger. The charging heads can be large round heads, flat ends, or thin round heads.

Therefore, the manufacturers that create the universal charger have designed many different plugs to help you choose the right jack.

Each type of charger will come with 1-2 chargers for each class. There are even some devices that can have up to 14 different jacks. You need to change the connector to charge the battery for another brand's model.

Suitable for all types of devices

Not only is the charger different, but each device will use a different capacity and voltage. If the wrong type of charger is available, the battery will not be fully charged, and the quality of the battery will also deteriorate.

Therefore, the capacity and voltage of the universal charger are to be stable. Usually, the ability of these chargers will fall between 46-60W.

This capacity level is relatively safe for laptops, and the models only need about that to fully charge the battery.

For more benefits, you can check this video out below:

Source Youtube : The Tools World

Some Notes When Choosing Universal Chargers

How to choose universal chargers

There are many different universal chargers on the market today. Therefore, to avoid choosing a charger that is not suitable for your device, please refer to the following notes:

Check power, input voltage

Each type of machine will receive a different capacity and voltage. Therefore, universal chargers will also have different types of power sources to be compatible with each model.

Currently, chargers will have a total of about 45-90W. These levels will depend on the size of the device.

To choose the correct universal charger, please refer to your laptop's wattage and how many watts it needs.

If you are not sure about this, you can ask the help of your reseller. They will advise you to find the right charger with a suitable capacity.

Charging cord length

Depending on the type of charger, there will be a different charging cord length design. If you choose the mini, they will have a relatively short cord. 

Meanwhile, if you choose the regular type, the charging cord will be as long as a standard laptop charger.

Laptop experts recommend choosing a cord with a length of about 5ft or more to connect to an electrical outlet. Choosing a cord length that is too short and too long will also affect the quality of the charger.

Choose a charger with the suitable connector

It is essential to choose a universal charger with the suitable connector. If you choose a charger with many plugs but do not have one compatible with your model, you will not use the charger.

Please choose the type of charger depending on your intended use. If you only buy a universal charger for yourself, you should choose one with 1-2 plugs.

If you have many laptops of different brands or share them with many people, you should select various connectors.

Before deciding to buy, find out how the connector of the laptop you are using. Please go to the store directly for advice and try the charger's connector to see if it is suitable for the device. 


We will answer some of the questions that many people ask. Surely they will be of some use to you, so don't ignore them.

Can I use another laptop charger for my device?

Can I use another laptop charger for my device?

You should not use this laptop charger for another laptop. Each type of laptop has a separate connector. The connector of some models may be the same design, but the capacity and voltage of each are different.

Using the same charging cord for other devices will make the device unable to receive enough power. Some types require 45W, but some require 60W. If using two classes together, the energy transferred reduces the quality of the battery.

Even in the long run, the device will often get hot and cause battery bottles. More dangerous can cause fire and explosion.

Does regular use of universal chargers reduce battery life?

A universal charger does not have many differences compared to normal laptop chargers. So you can use them regularly, and they won't affect the battery life.

You can even completely replace the standard charging cord with a universal charger because of its convenience.

You can share this charger with roommates, colleagues. Just change the connector, and you can charge another brand's battery.

How much is the price of universal chargers?

There are many different types of universal chargers, and prices vary. The cost of the styles will depend on the number of chargers and the charging capacity transmitted.

The price of a universal charger falls in the range of $50-$100. If you only need 1-2 connectors, the price will be lower than many options with many plugs.


Instead of using a charger that can only be for a single device, why don't we choose a more convenient universal charger? This type of charger will help you recharge all models of different brands with just one socket.

We hope the above article has helped you gain more knowledge about universal chargers and the benefits that this charger brings.

Please choose a charger that is right for your laptop and use it properly so that the charger can bring out its full benefits. 

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