Are HP Laptops Bad? [Pros And Cons Of HP Laptops]

Are HP laptops bad? Why do so many users leave bad comments about HP laptops? Let's scroll down for the complete answer.

The quality of HP laptops remains controversial among users. Are HP laptops bad? Should you use them? How to choose the best HP laptop?

Some users have sent negative comments to HP. They don't have good experience with their laptops' casing, motherboard, RAM, keyboard, and LED lights.

These problems make HP laptops bad in the perception of users. However, these products still have some advantages that offer you excellent accessibility.

TopReviews will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of HP laptops. We collected customers' reviews about the products. And, you are the one who decides if the product you are using is good or bad.

Why Are HP Laptops Bad?

Users have some unpleasant experiences while running their HP laptops. Here are some of their reviews.


The casing is not sturdy enough with regular Intel processors and a heatsink with a low-performance fan in gaming devices. This feature makes heat build-up. Unfortunately, the laptop's ventilation isn't powerful enough to keep it cool.


The motherboard is of poor construction. It is unable to handle high-end equipment for lengthy periods. It also collects dust quickly, making cleaning the laptop for AutoCAD  customers from the interior much more challenging.


In theory, 16GB of RAM should be sufficient. However, HP's best blogging device's RAM is not at the same level as marketed. The RAM in HP machines is of such poor condition that buyers have chosen to leave their computers.

When installing the new RAM for efficiency on HP laptops, the motherboards are programmed to bring down the current RAM to the weakest potential speed. 

They also block customers from accessing the BIOS to adjust the RAM function, which is why HP provides cheap and poor components and offers consumers few options for changing their computers.

16 GB may not be enough for HP laptops to run smoothly


HP has received lots of complaints about its keyboards. Some customers even claim that they can't find any way to fix the problem.

Because of the Windows 98 laptop, most customers report that the key has gotten hit or that it automatically repeats itself until the user pushes it again.

LED lights

HP users often have trouble with the LED light equipped in the laptop.

The lights sometimes keep blinking out of control. Users even fail to adjust the glow of the light.

What Are HP Laptops Still Good?

Despite the drawbacks HP laptops may have, there are still users who feel comfortable using their machines. Let's see what makes them feel like this brand.

Easily accessible

HP is simple to find in both online and physical marketplaces because it is one of its largest laptop brands.

It is also considerably faster to fix if something goes wrong. You can walk into any laptop store and find a plethora of HP models to select from.

Stunning display

When it comes to screens, HP's technology is particularly impressive. Clients have recognized HP monitors for their bright, clear images and excellent color palettes.

HP has launched some bold steps in recent years, such as introducing a huge 65-inch G-Sync game display and a 240Hz display on its Omen 15 gaming machine. This innovation is the first of its type throughout all manufacturers.

HP offers stunning displays


HP can meet a wide range of client demands thanks to its extensive portfolio and well-established presence in the computer industry.

HP has the ideal laptop for you, whether you are looking for a cheap computer to browse the internet and check messages or a robust device to handle high-intensity tasks.

Customer service

HP laptops may not be the most trustworthy devices on the market. However, HP has an excellent support team eager to assist you if you run into any difficulties.

HP can even cover the shipping expenses if your laptop has to be serviced and is still under warranty.

Impressive design

HP's elegant, beautiful PCs are well-respected in both the laptop and PC sectors.

HP understands how to create a nice laptop from the firm's entry-level Pavilion series to its EliteBook business series.

In South Africa, the HP x360 series of convertible laptops are another outstanding example of HP's excellent design. Regardless of what mode you utilize them in - laptop, tablet, stand, or tent – they all look fantastic.

HP has been famous for its impressive designs

How To Choose The Best HP Laptops?

If you are an HP fan, you should know how to select an excellent product serving your purposes. We have outlined some tips for you right here.


If mobility is your concern, look for a model with a 12 to 14 inches screen size. Anything smaller, such as a tablet, will fall short of all computer devices. 

The bigger side of the scale, 15-inch to 17-inch devices, loses some mobility. However, this category makes sense if you want to use your laptop as a PC substitute, particularly if you don't carry it around with you all the time.


Windows is a well-known operating system that you'll encounter on most HP laptops. Windows 10 machines with the newest version include Cortana and Microsoft Edge that will replace Internet Explorer.


A processor is undoubtedly the brain of the entire operation and management of all the calculations in your laptops.

The quality of the processor plays a vital role in laptop performance. However, your demand for a processor is contingent on your usage.

Often, the processor with more cores is more efficient and powerful than the one with fewer cores. The cores vary from two to eight. With HP laptops, both Intel and AMD provide multiple choices in terms of processors.

Graphics card

The graphic card speeds up the rendering and processing of video, images, and graphics on your laptop. 

There are two types of graphic cards: the integrated and the discrete one. The first type is popular in small systems such as laptops, but it can also function well on PCs.


It will help if you are looking for HP laptops with a minimum memory of 4GB. 8GB is ideal and lets you efficiently download and launch programs.

If you are a gamer, opt for the model with 16GB of RAM or even more.

However, since HP has some negative reactions to its RAM, you need to pick the series with a greater RAM than the standard.

Battery life

If you often travel with your laptop, take battery life into careful consideration. 

Choosing laptops with at least an 8-hour battery life span is a good idea. If you prefer more, HP also offers laptops that can run for 12 hours without charging. 

Let’s go window shopping with some of the best HP laptops.

Source Youtube : The 5 Best

How to buy a good HP laptop?


We have explained the reasons why some users have an unpleasant experience with HP laptops. They don't have good performance in some areas.

However, HP products are not all bad. If you know the tips for choosing the high-quality one, you may find HP worth investing in.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading.

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