Are Espresso Machines Loud? The Exact Answer Is Here

Some people think the noise level of the coffee machine does not affect the quality of a cup of coffee, but the reality proves the opposite. It is even true when you have owned a machine before.

Are Espresso machines loud? The short answer is yes, but not all the time. When it undergoes the steaming milk process, it can cause noise.

The article from Top Reviews will provide you with a specific explanation for this irritating question. Let's click on it!

Are Espresso Machines Loud? 

The answer is yes. Automatic machines often make a loud noise while making espresso in the grinding stage.

However, during other stages of the coffee making process, espresso machines don't cause irritating noise and work relatively smoothly and quietly.

It will be another story when you start grinding the beans. The noise is even worse at a high pitch when you steam the milk. More badly, it is quite hard to stop these things from making noise completely. 

The annoying sound may not last long but is enough to annoy you and those around you.

Coffee machine

Why Are Espresso Machines Loud? 

A good cup of coffee will wake you up early in the morning. You might be woken up even without enjoying it but by the noise of the espresso machines. So, what makes them so noisy? Let's take a peek at the potential causes below. 

Burnt-Out Pumps 

It's likely that the pumps inside have been damaged or burnt. It happens when your machine is too old. If it usually makes loud sounds or even stops working at times, you should check its pumps. 

To recover the quality of the tool, you should have the worn pumps repaired or replaced with newer and better ones.

The pumps are burnt out

Damaged Coils

The function of the coils is to create an irresistible field and facilitate the movement of the plunger downward. You can check by letting the valve open. 

If your machine is making loud noise while the valve is opening, the problem lies in the coils. In this situation, you should get the coils replaced with a new one. 

Stuck Valves


Stuck valves

Stuck Solenoid Valves

Another primary reason may come from the solenoid valves. These valves are different from ones in the steaming system.

Their purpose is to control the water stream through the hydraulic system and support water flowing from the boiler to the coffee grounds.

Once stuck or broken, the water and the steam escape and cause high pressure on the pumps, and check them out. If necessary, you should repair or throw them away to install new ones.

Stuck Thermal Block

A thermal block, also called the boiler, is heating the water inside the machine. If it doesn't operate, it will put stress on the pumps to make them work harder. 

For this reason, the coffee machine generates noise when boiling. Thus, consider purchasing a new boiler to make the best cup of coffee. 

Stuck thermal block

What Is The Average Noise Level Of An Espresso Machine?

How noisy can an espresso be? It depends on the different types of machines. Here, we will mention three popular espresso coffee makers. Scroll down to discover more if you intend to buy one!

Automatic Espresso 

Owning an automatic espresso is extremely beneficial as it can do everything for you from grinding, tamping, and making coffee. All you need to do is pour coffee beans and water into the machine and wait for a nice cup. 

This type will generate loud sounds while grinding beans, especially sturdy ones. Yet, when compared to a regular grinder, this noise is quieter and acceptable. 

Semi-Automatic Espresso 

Unlike the above option, this category requires you to grind coffee beans and tamp the grounds before making the coffee shot. It is the noisiest of the three.

Although the generated sound is not loud, it lasts for a long time and creates an annoying sense for the barista.

Semi-automatic model

Pod-Style Espresso 

It is not the most convenient type, but it's the one that makes the least amount of noise out of the three options here because it doesn’t have a steamer. If this model comes with a design of an automatic milk steamer, the noisy sound can’t be reduced.

If you want to discover about the noise level of a coffee maker, watch this video:



Youtube source: A2B Productions

How To Make Your Espresso Machine Quieter 

Making the coffee machine quieter is surely challenging. Suppose you don't have to endure annoying noises or waste money to repair them. Therefore, you should choose the type that is quiet from the moment you buy it.

Difficult to do does not mean impossible. Here are some effective ways to improve or avoid loud sounds.

The milk steamer is the main culprit for causing the loudest noise. Hence, you should avoid using this part. You can still create foamed milk for your latte or cappuccino but in another way. 

In particular, instead of using the steamer, let's use a microwave to heat the milk. First, pour the desired amount of milk into the bottle, cover it, shake it, and then microwave.

Alternatively, you can purchase a specialized milk frother. It still does a great job heating up the milk but doesn't cause noise like an espresso maker. 

Make sure all parts inside and outside the machine are tightened. That's because if there is a loose part, the machine will vibrate when you turn it on, which makes the coffee maker noisier.

If you are using an automatic model or semi-automatic espresso, the most noise comes from the grinder. To avoid this bad situation, you can avoid irritating sounds by buying pre-grounds finely.

Additionally, a hand grinder is a great option to replace the grinder in the espresso. The noise level will be significantly improved. However, if you are a regular coffee drinker, this method may seem a bit bothersome.

Last but least, using an adhesive sound deadener is a good idea to lessen vibration level and the noisy sound from the coffee maker. 


What Are The Quietest Espresso Machines? 

Are you looking for a quiet espresso? The list below will help you out with the four best options ever!

Espressione 8212S Espresso Machine

Compared to other options, this model is quite expensive, but it deserves its functions. It features 19-bar pressure, which creates finer grounds. 

It also comes with five settings in quiet mode. Especially, the tank is especially large and enables to heat the water within 20 seconds. It is one of the most compact models, ideal for narrow space.

Coffee BVMC-ECMP1102 Espresso Maker

Unlike regular machines, this model has a milk tank which enables the barista to froth directly into the coffee cup. The outstanding point will bring a sense of convenience as well as reduce the noise of the steamer.

It is a 15-bar-pressure machine with a big water tank, which can heat the water within 20 seconds. 

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

You can consider this model. It has a 50-ounce water tank and the same size carafe. The time to heat the water is longer, about 30 seconds. 

It is a great choice for those who want to make a lot of coffee simultaneously as it has a milk frother. 

Nespresso BEC620SIL1AUC1 CitiZ

The last option on the list is Nespresso BEC620SIL1AUC1 CitiZ. It has a large water tank, about 34 ounces, and heats water within 25 seconds. Thanks to 19 bar pressure, it can create smoother and tastier cups. 

The model is versatile to make other beverages apart from making coffee.

Espresso machine

The Bottom Line

This article has ultimately got to the bottom of your concern: Are espresso machines loud? Of course, they are. However, the noise level depends on the type of machine you have. 

Besides, we have also shared some practical ways to lessen vibration and loud sound while making coffee. If you want to buy a quiet espresso, the list above will surely be useful for you!

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