Acer Vs Dell 2022: Battle Of The Brands Which Brand Is The Winner?

Are you confused between Acer and Dell laptops? This detailed comparison of Acer vs. Dell will assist you in selecting the ideal one. Let’s see!

When you're thinking about buying a laptop, you might think about the brand before looking at the specific qualities that constitute a decent laptop. So, Acer vs. Dell, which one is better?

Dell is a well-known company that outperforms Acer in customer service, which is fantastic considering Acer is not lightweight. 

Acer offers a large selection of low-cost, high-performance laptops. Dell is known for its gaming laptops.

A full comparison is right below, which will assist you in your search for a fantastic Acer or Dell gadget. Let’s check it out!

Comparison Between Acer vs. Dell

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Acer is a Taiwanese company that focuses on sophisticated innovation and technology in its computers. They are regarded as the top-tier vendors, with something to suit any user's budget and needs.

The system's features are similar to Dell's, with minor differences like the ability to get full HD even in lower-priced versions, which Dell does not provide. 

Dual-core CPUs are found in less costly laptops, while quad-core processors are found in more expensive ones. In addition, LED displays and backlit keys are available on Acer models.


When it comes to the significant components, Dell uses 3-cell batteries that provide above-average life of the battery. It has a larger display; nevertheless, compared to others, the display is more significant and cannot be used to make a purchasing decision. 

In addition, because of the actual width, the laptop's display is not in HD. Dell provides various CPUs at various price points, allowing customers to choose a system that fits their budget. These CPUs include dual-core processors, which are more inexpensive, and quad-core processors, which are more expensive.



Acer Designs Are Often Bulkier Than Dells

Acer offers users to choose from various colors for their laptops; nevertheless, many laptops have the same appearance and are a little bulkier than Dell computers. 

Although they offer one model, the Swift 7, one of the smallest and lightest laptops, they have also designed the Predator series with games in mind. As a result, its design may appear large, yet the laptop's weight is equivalent to that of other brands. 


For the presentation, Dell is quite interested. Colorful designs, patterns, and colors may be seen on a variety of computers. 

If you like sleek aesthetics and high-quality designs, you'll find Dell's design to be stunning. Even low-cost laptops have a nice appearance and a pleasant feel.

For appearance, Dell's Alienware and XPS laptops are among the top on the market. However, whereas the XPS is a business laptop with a formal appearance, the Alienware is a big dream for any player since it has a rough appearance that fits any gaming environment.

Product Options


When looking for laptops in diverse price ranges, Acer provides suitable machines with various choices to fulfill market demand.

In addition, acers are offered various configurations, including Windows laptops, Chromebooks, gaming laptops, and 2-in-1s. 

They provide many excellent alternatives for individuals who wish to buy one on a tight budget without sacrificing specs or other features. 


Dell’s Gaming Laptops


Everyone can benefit from the brand's offerings. Whether you're a student, a company owner, a gamer, or even a casual user searching for a reliable computer, you'll discover a model that meets your needs. 

Dell not only has many of the items, but they also have the flexibility to adapt to federal changes, allowing you to configure your computer exactly as you want it to work. 

The XPS is a fantastic addition to the Dell family throughout the premium series. Likewise, Alienware is a business gaming laptop that is ideal for gaming tasks. 

If you're a casual user, you will discover laptops in the inexpensive budget range that will provide you with all the features you want.



Acer Offers Multiple Low Budget Laptops

Several high-end laptops are somewhat pricey, which may deter some people from checking out the top brands. 

On the other hand, Acer provides numerous models in the affordable price range, which are ideal for casual users and students searching for inexpensive yet capable laptops. Acer's premium PCs may have a somewhat higher price range.


The laptop industry is dynamic, and the price is one of the significant elements that influence a buyer's decision to purchase a particular brand. Compared to others, Dell has come up with a pricing range that is both profitable and attractive.

You'll have no problem finding a computer that meets your budget, and because Dell laptops come in such a wide range of models, you'll have no trouble finding one that you enjoy and that matches your budget. 

Even at a premium value, the model has many features, and its price is fair for such a high-quality device. 

Support Features


Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the degree of technical assistance from the makers, prompting some criticism of the brand's support services. 

What irritates most customers is that they are requested to pay a fee to subscribe to higher support services to access additional support features.

People dislike the concept of paying for help in general, and they have expressed scorn for the fact that Acer's regular support services are inadequate.


One of the most excellent aspects of owning a Dell device is that the people who created it place a high value on customer care and support. They treat all complaints and matters seriously and reply quickly to any client issues.

If you purchase a laptop and discover problems, not only do you have an active guarantee, but you can also contact services and support and speak with an actual specialist who will work with you until your claim is resolved. 

You won't have to call several experts or repeat the same information since Dell ensures that you receive personalized service from a specialized technical support representative. 

Which One To Choose: Acer Or Dell?

Dell Vs Acer: Comparison Table
Criteria Dell Acer
Customer Support Services No Fee Fee required
Chipsets Intel Intel
Performance And Longevity Depending on users’ habit Depending on users’ habit
Gaming feature Excellent Fine
Cost Meet any customers’ budget Multiple low-budget laptops
Brand Origin America Taiwan
Appearance Variety in designs Bulky

Why Choosing ACER?

If money is your primary consideration, lower price range Acer laptops are the ideal choice, as they are less expensive than lower-end Dell laptops. 

The Acer is also known for its solid and sturdy designs. If you're looking for a durable laptop to present to your children or take on vacations, Acer is a good choice.

Why Choosing DELL?

Dell is a well-established company with a long record of honors and awards. They are also recognized for excellent customer service and their corporate responsibility efforts and the usual prizes. 

For obvious reasons, Dell is the most well-known brand. It has a long history of upholding high quality and providing the market with improved innovations and prices. You cannot find a better gaming laptop anywhere else than with the Dell.

Similarly, Dell suppliers have ensured that their consumers remain their primary priority, as seen by the exceptional customer service.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we have collected while researching this field.

Is Acer Better Than Dell?

At the same time, Dell looks to have superb graphics and excellent quality. Acer also makes high-quality computers, particularly those categorized as high-end laptops. 

They have a good selection of laptops at a reasonable price. In addition, Acer has been on the market for a long time, which has given it a lot of clout and expertise.

Their customer care, on the other hand, is a touch lacking. It is partially tolerable due to the low cost. After all, lower price tags do not imply a lower level of quality.

Why Does Acer Come With Multiple Low-Budget Laptops?

It is to increase the value of the brand. Because other companies, such as Lenovo, have released products longer than Acer, Acer has to attract more customers to win market share. 

It is unique because it can strike a nice balance between cost and high quality. A low price tag is advantageous in elevating their position to that of a prominent and well-known brand.

Is Acer Nitro 7 Or Dell G3 Better?

Is Acer Nitro 7 Or Dell G3 Better?


Both of these computers are made to play games. Both choices have the same amount of memory, 8GB of RAM, and a 15.6-inch screen.

In addition, the Acer version has a higher speed of 2.4 GHz compared to the G3's 2.2 GHz. The G3, on the other hand, has a 9GB cache, while the Nitro only has 8GB.





Choosing between Acer and Dell is a difficult task because both manufacturers provide high-quality laptops with varying specs. Hopefully, the comparison between Acer vs. Dell above appears to make these clear.

Although Dell is a well-known brand; however, that does not imply its laptops are of higher quality than those of Acer. Each brand may have its strengths and drawbacks, so do you prefer Dell or Acer?

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