Acer Vs ASUS (2022): Which Is The Better Brand And Why?

Acer Vs ASUS: Which Is The Better Brand for you? We make a detailed comparison between these 2 brands and you can find the one that is more suitable for you!

Referring to a cheap computer, many people will immediately think of Acer vs Asus. In fact, they are also the most affordable computer provider in the market with pretty good performance.

You can choose to buy a normal configuration machine for simple office operations. Or a high configuration machine for more advanced applications. With similarities, which is the better brand and why?

Many experts think that Asus is a better brand than Acer. Compared in all aspects, you will find that Acer is superior in terms of product quantity and price. In addition, other criteria cannot provide a good user experience like the rest of the manufacturers.

To check if this answer is correct, you can verify through this article!

Acer Vs ASUS: Which Is The Better Brand And Why?

Because it is also in the mid-price segment, many people cannot help but hesitate to choose one of the two brands individually. 

When you better understand these criteria, many decisions will be easier. Before going into the details, you can check out this Video below to get an overview.

Overview of Asus and Acer

Asus laptop overview

Asus and Acer are both Taiwanese brands. Acer is one of the oldest laptop brands in the market and was present in 1976. Their headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Around a few places in the world, you can also find their offices in San Jose, California.

Besides the laptops that are too familiar to the market, Acer has constantly learned and upgraded to bring more diverse products. Specifically, you can also find desktop computers, projection screens, or smartphones bearing this manufacturer's name.

Acer was born by a former engineer of Acer. When they debuted, they got into a lot of noise. But with its ability and efforts, the company quickly dominated the market and had a certain foothold. 

Their products are famously cheap, but the image quality, and textures are quite perfect.

Acer laptop overview

The latter brand is a pretty good choice for those looking to buy an affordable calculator. The gaming console line has also had positive consumer feedback.

Many people think that the older the brands, the more attractive the product has. However, reality has proven that Asus is a somewhat more superior choice.


Nowadays, there are too many products to be displayed in front of the consumer. So, the Attractive design will be an advantage. However, Acer's laptop models are quite basic and do not attract attention on the outside.

The computers from this brand have beautiful colors, but unfortunately, the overall part is too heavy and boring. Therefore, this advantage is not enough to save the company's model.

Meanwhile, Asus brings a better user experience. They have machines that are durable with attraction. Most of their products are made of metal. So they look quite classy and professional.

For those who see a laptop as a tool to support a mother's work and a cosmetic item, Asus is still the better choice.


Perhaps because the founder is a longtime engineer at Acer, you won't find too many structural differences between the two brands.

However, if you dig deeper, you will discover that most Acer's laptops are equipped with dual-core processors. Meanwhile, the other brand uses quad-core processors.

Of course, the quad-core will be more powerful. Heavy programs such as photo editing and programming may be difficult for Acer laptops, especially cheap ones.

In addition, this does not mean that the Asus is very powerful, but this new computer from the brand should also provide a pretty great experience. You can still do programming and design apps or make movies if you choose the right product images.

Usually, the more expensive the machine, the better the processor. So, if you want to find a good machine, you have to spend more money.

Product variety

Acer laptop type

As mentioned at the beginning, Acer has many models and doesn't just stop at laptops. Therefore, coming to this brand, you will have many options, and of course, finding a machine that suits your current needs is also simpler.

Although Asus products are not too diverse, they are still enough to cater to everyone.


Any machine will have a long service life if you know how to use it and take good care of it. However, Acer is not a machine with outstanding durability, but some high-end options still bring good expectations to customers.

Asus has a more prolonged existence than the big names in the market like Lenovo or Macbook. Dell is still inferior. Some recent products have also had significant improvements.

Graphics card

Asus Graphic card

Currently, the best graphics card that Acer is using is the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000. This support provides a very realistic user experience. However, some high-priced or recently launched devices use this card.

Where are the old generations and the general segment of the company has not brought satisfaction to customers?

Asus is also very focused on graphics to bring realistic touches to users, especially gaming machines. High-end machines often come with an RTX 2080. Normal products use a GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1050, GTX 1080, or AMD Radeon.

Each manufacturer has its strategy for delivering visuals to you. Of course, if you want a good experience, expensive machines will do better.

Cooling system

The active cooling system will make noise. Therefore, the more the machine works, the hotter it is, the louder the fan noise. 

Understanding this problem, Acer offers a solution to eliminating heat with Liquid Loop. This system disperses heat without noise and dust.

In contrast, Asus has a completely different cooling system. They use liquid cooling modules and are easy to disassemble. 

They inject coolant into the computer to minimize overheating. Some products use a cooling fan to overcome heat-related problems.

In this respect, the heat treatment of the latter brand is appreciated and is more effective. However, some devices still encounter many customer complaints.

Battery life

Most other Acer computers have a battery life of 10 hours. This number belongs to the top of the machines with good batteries. 

You will feel it more clearly with the Zenbook line. The remaining devices have an average use time of about 7 hours.


For many years, the Acer brand has always been at the forefront of product innovation. You can find the most perfect and new designs coming from this manufacturer. Predator 21 is a concrete example of their major improvement. It is the largest and most powerful laptop for all your work.

Not to be left behind, Asus has also constantly launched new products with many excellent improvements. They are continually making good performing products, one with a lower budget.

The most modern and new features needed in a laptop, these two brands can meet. So you don't need to worry too much about being left behind when coming to these two manufacturers.


These two brands offer quality products at relatively low prices compared to other popular brands. It is difficult for you to find a machine that is more affordable than the Acer. So it is a perfect choice for students, students or office workers.

Asus prices are somewhat higher. However, this price is not necessarily high because this brand will provide better quality and experience for customers.

Customer service

Asus Customer service


Customer care is one of the factors to help them come back to the manufacturer again and again. But Acer delivers a pretty bad translation experience. 

Many people have complained that the technicians cannot help them with computer problems. Besides, they cannot track information about the computer sent to the company who provides the warranty.

Asus is not exactly the place to offer the best customer service, but they are better than Acer. They support customers through phone calls. In addition, you can learn more solutions or problems through its youtube channel.

Advantages and Disadvantages

At a glance, many people will think that Asus is full of advantages and Acer is the opposite. However, every brand has its strengths and points that need to be improved.



  • Prices are very affordable

  • Product variety

  • Good battery capacity

  • Beautiful colors


  • Attractive design

  • Long life

  • Good customer service

  • High performance



  • Boring design

  • Average performance


  • Poor product variety

  • Higher price

Criteria Acer ASUS
Design The design is a bit boring, but the color is very beautiful Versatile, attractive appearance and solid design
Performance Dual-core processor Quad-core processor
Product variety Variety Mostly focused on laptops
Durability Lower durability Higher durability
Battery life 10 hours on average Ranging from 7-10 hours
Innovation Always at the forefront of innovative technology Update trends and new features continuously
Price Lower price Higher price
Advantages Wide range of products, low prices Good customer service, good product quality
Disadvantages The customer support policy is not effective Products are not as diverse as Acer

Which Brand Should You Choose?

Summarizing all the criteria, everyone has the right choice according to different needs. But, Asus is the dominant brand. So, if you are wondering between two machines from these two manufacturers, you should choose Asus.

However, you can completely rely on your research, needs, and financial ability to choose a suitable product. Acer is still a very valuable experience!

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Both Acer vs Asus have their strengths and have a certain foothold in the market. When observing the details, Asus has many more practical advantages for users.
In addition, Asus machines do not have too much trouble during use. The configuration products for gaming are quality for the price.
However, you can still choose Acer if you love its configuration or are interested in a more budget-friendly machine.
Thank you for reading!
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